The Black Rose Society

Founded in 1997 on the Catskills shard of Ultima Online, The Black Rose Society is an organization of mature role-players drifting together across various MMO and virtual tabletop games.

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Where we are and where we’ve been…

Star Citizen

Members of the Society can be found in all walks of life, from naval warships, to corporate board rooms, to tramp freighters, and even some criminal enterprises. All bound together through a sense of brotherhood and their common code.

Tales from Whistler's Reach

A sci-fi setting in a far-flung human colony.

The Castle

A modern fantasy setting for Virtual Tabletop.

The World of Khevoran

A dark fantasy setting for Virtual Tabletop.


A Virtual Tabletop campaign set in the wierd West.

The Last Legion

A Virtual Tabletop campaign set in the Battletech universe.

The Catskills Retirement Home

Khara’s Ultima Online retrospectives.

Call of Cthulhu

A pulp-era setting for Virtual Tabletop.

Vampire: The Third Reich

A WW2 era setting for Virtual Tabletop.

The Leonidas

Debinani Rahl half-fell out of the bunk of the Vanguard Warden, ran a hand through his hair, and answered the chirping of his MobiGlass.  An older man in a UEE naval admiral’s uniform filled the screen, sitting in a well-appointed office with the afternoon...

The Hangar

Captain Michael Pierce, UEEM, stepped into the well-appointed New Babbage hangar and blinked in surprise at the wreck of the RSI Constellation resting on the deck before him.  It had definitely been a Phoenix before getting shot full of holes and what was left of...

Be Quick, My Love

microTech SAR had received a distress signal from a ship more than 200mkm north of Stanton’s elliptic, and they were willing to pay a lot to find out what anyone would be up to way the hell out there. The Kalipso had the rescue facilities and could get me there and...

More Information Surfaces After Tyrol II Incident

New United NewsOrg 15 November, 2950 We’re continuing to learn more about the battle that erupted between two private military companies over Tyrol II last month.  Our sources have confirmed that Cirrus Expeditions, a small xenoarchaeology subsidiary of ArcCorp,...

A Brief History of The Society

In March of 2544, elements of Bravo Company, 2nd Battalion of the 1st UPE Army Special Forces Group under the command of Captain Kironius Mengst, successfully ran the Tevarin blockade of the Idris system and dropped onto Idris IV. Their mission, Operation...