(HoloNet) – Black Rose Society Recruiting Soldiers, Support Staff

Black Rose Society Recruiting Soldiers, Support Staff
For Immediate HoloNet Release

Corellian News Agency (Talus) ”“ The Black Rose Society ”“ the secretive mercenary company who came out of the Unknown Regions during the Clone Wars and has recently accepted a contract of service with the Empire ”“ is seeking to expand its roster.
The Society, after a move from Naboo to Talus last week, has constructed a small outpost and is looking to expand not only their cadre of combat personnel, but also create an infrastructure of civic services open to the public. According to their recruiting corps, they are accepting any and all who wish to join “the family”, from seasoned veterans to green recruits to musicians, chefs, and dancers.
Interested parties should contact Debinani or Squeaky, or visit the Society”™s HoloNet presence at http://swg.blackrosesociety.com.

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