A Bit Flustered – Kalipso
January, 2002
A Bit Flustered – Kalipso

Kalipso blindly watches as the last of her superiors whisk themselves away, leaving her alone to battle her chaotic thoughts. She glances towards the stairs, and sighs. She inhales deeply, the stale smell of ale still thick in the air reminding her of how foolish she is to think the General’s advances are sincere. She laughs to herself and mutters, “Twas only the ale, and besides I was the only lass in the room, tis the nature of a soldier to act as such.”
She slowly rises from her seat and shuffles over to mount up Lita, her eyes still drifting towards the stairs. She fights off pangs of disappointment as she springs onto her horse’s back and heads towards the door. “Men…dwelling on the past, letting it wreak turmoil on their present lives forgetting happiness, drowning their woes in ale!” she thinks to herself. She exits the tower, the frigid nighttime air shocking her lungs, forcing her mind into reality once more.


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