A Briefing for Lord British – Debinani Rahl
July, 1999
A Briefing for Lord British – Debinani Rahl

–==Official Submission==–
FROM: General Debinani Rahl
RE: A Briefing for Lord British

A Letter to Lord British from His Most Faithful Servant

My Liege-

The history of The Black Rose Society is shrouded in
mystery. They appeared quite literally out of nowhere a few
years back. The Black Rose Society is a mercenary
organization, though small in size, it claims to be well
worth the cost. And The Society doesn’t come cheap. Their
representatives say they can handle any task, whether
pacification, reconnaissance, or all-out war, they say that
there’s no job they can’t do. Just jobs they won’t do.

It’s members are all well-trained soldiers, hardened
warriors with a flair for trickery and subterfuge. They’re
also rumored to contain at least a few tame wizards of some
renown. Rumors. Rumors are all anyone has on The Society.
It’s members aren’t talking. The Society is a close knit
group, one could almost call it a family, and they recruit
rarely and with great care. They don’t seem to be
interested in quantity as much as quality. Their number
currently stand at just over a score, barely a company, but
their track record with previous contracts is exquisite.

Our spies have yet to uncover their training grounds,
though we are fairly certain it is outside the confines of
your Empire. With the aid of their wizards they range far
and wide, taking care of small tasks all over the globe.

I have uncovered information about their Captain that
may interest you. You’ve actually met him once, several
years ago during the Lich Wars when you went to our dearly-
departed Sage Humboldt’s study to ask one question or
another. Young chap, dark hair and a scowl, I’m sure you
remember him. Our reports aren’t entirely clear, however it
seems that for several months he would pay regular visits
working on some sort of research project, though what
project that could give Humboldt such a challenge is
definitely a mystery worth solving.

Overall, I would definitely say that The Black Rose
Society could be a valuable asset under your auspicious
rule, or a deadly enemy if they fall into the wrong hands.
Reports have it that The Society is currently under no long-
term contractual obligations, but we’ve heard rumors that
Blackthorn as well as several of the miniature child-
empires in the Northwest have taken an interest in their
work…and more importantly, their availability.

Personally, I’d say you should squash them while you
still can, however I’ve never much cared for mercenaries.

By Your Grace
Soltain Greshnic
Imperial Master of Assassins


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