A Dark Announcement – Alexander Rahl
January, 2002
A Dark Announcement – Alexander Rahl

“Long, long ago, in a world not entirely unlike our own,
there was woman named Kishara, and she was a conqueror. She
was known as one of the mightiest sorceresses who had ever
lived, and she used her power to rain death upon any who
would oppose her.”

Welcome, Brothers and Sisters, to the New World.

For ages, Kishara has had her eye on Sosaria, but has never, to this point, been able to amass an army large enough, strong enough, and dedicated enough to do her will. That time has passed.

You should be congratulated for your poise and perfection in executing the first phases of Her plan. The remnants who do not hear Her call were stunned and confused, and remain disorganized and demoralized while we drill, supply, and prepare. We must now add to this resolve. The coming weeks will be long and arduous, our numbers are still small for the task that we have been set upon, but we shall prevail.

Your standing orders are to train, drill and scout out troop mobilizations in the cities of Trinsic, Winterfell, Vesper, and Britain. You must remain out of Jhelom completely. Do NOT step foot on those islands for any reason whatsoever.

Rahl has disabled the crystal network before we had the opportunity to remove his influence from it. This is a minor setback, but nothing that can not be overcome with conventional communications methods.

Stand tall, Sackcloth Rose, for soon, we shall march into history!

Alexander Mengst
Ringwielder of Spirit


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