A hurried message to world leaders…
January, 2002
A hurried message to world leaders…

Esteemed Leaders and Countrymen-

Last eve, through several days of subversion and an arcane process not yet understood, a large percentage of the ranks of the Black Rose Society were turned to the will of the dark goddess Kishara. The details of this turning, though significant, are not as immediate as the results. Kishara is a conqueror, and on several occasions has made forays into our world with various and sundry forces, and throughout the ages has been repelled. This time she has a ready-made army, and you don’t raise an army unless you’re planning to do something with it.
Strategic analysis and sheer common sense dictate that if they begin a campaign, it will likely begin in Trinsic or Vesper, moving then to Yew or Winterfell lands, then Britain, and finally the islands. We’re uncertain where they will attempt to strike first, or how they plan to hold any cities they manage to sack, but you must make ready, and you must do it soon.
The few forces that remain to me are at your disposal should these attacks take place, until such time we shall continue to disrupt the enemy and endeavor to glean a method for breaking the bonds that hold these soldiers in sway.

Gen. Debinani Rahl


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