A night in Northwood – Anubis
August, 1999
A night in Northwood – Anubis

–==Official Submission==–
FROM: Lieutenant Anubis
RE: A night in Northwood

The winds swept across the harbor violently as white caps
stirred up and crashed against the shore. Anubis was just
settling in for the night. He could hear his ship creaking
against the mooring lines by the dock.

“Best make sure I loosen the lines a bit.”he said quietly to

Throwing on a robe he walked over to the door, snatching an
apple up from the basket on the table.
He unlocked the bar and stepped out into the night air.

Lightning flashed down in the distance near the falls. He
could barely hear their roar over the crashing waves. He
struggled against the wind to shut the door behind him.

“Time to die!” a voice rang out from his left.

Anubis looked over just in time to catch the blast of a
magic arrow. “Ahh he came to play” Anubis thought to
himself. He reached down for his reagent bag, then his
sword, panic began to set in, his training took over.
Anubis dashed to his ship, key in hand. Quickly he unlocked
the plank and ordered the Ol’ Jack his tiller man to raise
the anchor.

Stirred from his sleep the old sea dog scrambled into
action. Anubis jerked a scimitar from the tiller mans belt
and slashed the lines. The great ship drifted to port as the
attacker fired an energy bolt off.

Anubis smiled in satisfaction as the ship cast itself from
the shore. The unknown attacker cursing at him from the

“I ‘m checking the hold for weapons, keep her steady here.”
Ol’ Jack nodded in understanding and held the rudder fast.
Sifting through the rats nest of a hold, cursing the old man
for not keeping his ship up, Anubis found a bag of reagents
and a halberd. It would have to do he was tired and needed
rest, and wasn’t real partial to riding the storm out on the
ship tonight.

Ol’Jack brought the ship around the North West-side of the
peninsula and dropped the anchor. The Lieutenant crept off
the ship and into the grassy knoll just west of his house.
He saw his assailant at his door fiddling with a bag of lock
picks. Anubis chuckled to himself.

“Corp Por!, Corp Por! Corp Por!” the first blast knocked the
perp from the steps, the second sent him on the run and the
third brought him within an inch of his life. The thief
began to chant the words of recall as Anubis charged
swinging the halberd over head. Before the man could
complete the spell the polearm came down upon his charred
skull splitting it in two.

“Time to die” Anubis uttered catching his breath. He
reached over and snatched the bag of reagents off his
attackers belt. “A key, what an oaf, this should keep you
out of the forest for a while.”

Stowing his equipment and sorting his new reagents Anubis
took the murderers key out. He looked upon it and smiled to
himself as he tossed it into the trash can in the corner.


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