A Silent Plea – Sarah Athens
January, 2002
A Silent Plea – Sarah Athens

Sarah looked up from her books. Kishara was dead, the rings gone. The only theory she had seemed to have been bashed in one instant, one sentance. Frustrated she pushed herself up from the books running a hand though her hair.

Alex had had spirits….but where had they been that night? They were said to watch over him…but why didn’t they that night. At one point in her reading she knew Turon had even spoken to the General. She wished they would tell her somthing, anything. Even if it is to tell her he’s dead.

She gazed out the south window again. “Damn it! Show yerself…give a clue te us. Yer all supposed te be so mighty…Mengst, Turon. Share what ye know!” The mumblings were soft and barely hearable even to her ears but she hoped they heard her. “Jus’ point a finger te me…give me a direction tha’s nayt just wangerin’ around blind ‘opin te find the lantern.” She rubbed her eyes and looked out the open door at the beds. She had hardly slept since it all happened. Wearily she went and lay down on the bed. “Jus’ nudge…tha’s all I ask of ye.”

With that she settled into a half sleep, murmuring a word here or there and making little sense. Her hand on her blade and suprisingly kept a tight grasp.


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