A Simple Task
May, 2002
A Simple Task

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A Simple Task
Posted By: Lieutenant Kenyon On 5/11/2002 9:15:00 PM
It is a dark and rainy night on the streets of Magencia as Lt Kenyon McBain dashes into the Merchants Guild, the last place to look for the evening.” Excuse me sir” said a voice ” Can I help you?”Kenyon turns towards the voice and notices a older man in robes standing there . “Ays ya can ” replied the Lt. ” Ah`m a looking for some information “.” About?” says the oldman, Kenyon wipes his face dry with his cloak as he says quitely “Gems *gasps* rare ones , can ya help me?” The old man nods and walks towards his bookshelfs looking at each book very closely and then grabbing a few of them off the shelf he walks back towards the Lt. . ” These might be of some help ” says the old man ” Now if ya like ya can stay out here and read`m , I got things to tend to.” Kenyon nods and finds a place to sit down with the old books .He sifts through the books one after another as time passes by with out notice. The young Liuetenants eyes widen as he seems to have found something of importance , just as he does the doors to the establishment crash open with a loud explosion sending Ken to the ground still grasping the book. A tall shadowy figure stands in the door way looking about the room its eyes glowing witha firey red as they spot Kenyon and stare in his direction . The figure raises his arm inwhich he holds what looks like a cross bow, Kenyon hurries to his feet and makes for the window when he hears a click and the sound of a cross bow string being released.Something hits Ken with great force that it knocks him through the window he was going to climb out of and with a loud thud he hits the cobble stone street .Kenyon stands extinctedly grasping his side which now burns with great pain , he quickly decides to make a run for it towards the moongate fearing his attacker is on his heels . Running through the dense tropical forest he can hear voices in the distance ” This way !” “over here!” he trips on a log but hurries himself up and continues running.He can see the glow of the moongate ahead as a voice shouts ” There he is !” Kens heart beats faster and faster with every stride as the sound of cross bow bolts fly past his head.Kenyon dives into the moongate with three bolts following into it aswell not knowing where thier destination lies nor his the chase seems over for now..


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