A visit
September, 2003
A visit

A Visit
Posted By Knight of House Turon Kenyon McBain On 3/8/2003 1:12:00 AM. Views: 30

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A Visit
Posted By Knight of House Turon Kenyon McBain On 3/7/2003 5:04:00 PM. Views: 12

As Kenyon lay in the Societies infirmery he can not remeber how he got here last thing he could remeber was being caught in the beasts jaws and the pain .The infirmery was dark except for one wall lantern across the room was lit , the shadows seemed to be moveing and he heard faint whispers comeing from them aswell. He thought to himself it was all in his head or it was the damn poisons Tholden been forceing into him . Helpless and unable to move do to his weakend condition he could do nothing but lay there and watch and wait . The whispers seemed to have stopped and Kenyon thought it was all in his head and closed his eyes and eventually fell asleep for what seemed hours only to be awaked by a gust of wind which chilled him to the bones and flickered the flame in the lantern across the room .The voices had returned and the movements in the shadows seemed to grow restless ,he could make out one of the whispers comeing from the shadows ” He the one..? Is he the one Mistress..?” A firgure stepped forth from the Shadows he could barely make it out except is was a slender female makeing her way to his side .He could not move nor speak all he could do was lay there and pray that nothing would happen to him. The womanly figure spoke ” So this is the trouble maker Ser McBain ” she said in a soft warm voice .”Doesn`t look like much trouble now does he?” as she giggled in what seemed like a little girls voice.” How colud one love so much and yet be such a fool ?” she asked the shadows which danced about the room .She looked down at him helplessly laying on the bed ” You will owe me for this favor Ser MaBain and I will collect later !” She examined a few of his wounds “Seems the Elves have been healing you with the help of a healer it seems ” . She reached down and laid her hand apon his chest and began a chant ,a warm and rosey glow began to fill him and he felt all the pain from his wounds leave except for the one in his heart .” Rest now Ser McBain ” she said in that little girlish voice. Then her voice changed this one was more mature and and stern ” Dont try to hide I will know where you are and what you do and I will collect ” . She leaned forward and kissed his forehead softly and then giggled in that little girl voice of hers ,she stepped back into the shadows and the gust of wind picked up and then it was gone and Kenyon closed his eyes and passed out.Kenyon awoke to the rays of a early morning sunrise and the sound of the pixies outside the Keep ,he sat up on the edge of the bed and thought he dreamed it all .his wounds healed and strenght returned it was no dream , no dream at all. He began to pack his gear and get dressed and made his way to Tholdens desk and left a note ” *the word butcher crossed out* Tholden , I am fine and well will explain later perhaps but right now I got alot to do , ” and then he signed it and made his way out of the keep


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