Abilene Session Notes – 14 November 2015
November, 2015
Abilene Session Notes – 14 November 2015

November 23rd, 1878

Well, well, well!  Kincaid’s a little dirty.  Imagine my shock.

Ahiga scouts out the Lebold mansion and takes note of several guards on the perimeter.  She, Ed, and Seri sneak up on the least protected side of the house, neutralize the guard, and enter the house through a window.  Almost entirely silently, they prowl the house until finally they are discovered.

Johnny Wu attacks the party, and at one point, everyone but Holden is completely paralyzed in their tracks.  Holden rushes the enemy and with a stroke of luck, slays Madame Chen, who was holding the party in her thrall from the parlor below.

Wu seems to recognize Holden, mouthing the word “You!” as he passes.

The fight continues…




Johnny Wu






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  1. patricia

    We headed towards the house where the evil Chinaman might be. There were two guards in front of the house, and we needed to scout out the rest of the area as well. Rat Girl gave me another straw figure, this one a very small one. But this time, I watched her make it. All she did, was taking a straw and shaping it into something very small. She had made different figures before, like the eagle that let me fly, and the rat that turned me into a rat several days earlier.

    I crushed the figure and found myself flying, and very small. An insect of some sort. Well, at least it was easy to scout the area, and I flew around the house, trying to find all the guards.

    A couple of them were hiding in trees, and we found a likely spot to get us inside. I took out the man in the tree with an arrow, and we all entered the house through a window.

    We started searching the house, slowly and quietly… well, slowly, anyway. We tried to be quiet, but clearly were not quiet enough. As we opened a door, someone shot me.


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