Abilene Session Notes – 24 January 2015
January, 2015
Abilene Session Notes – 24 January 2015

November 17th, 1878

We blew the dam, took out the camp soldiers, freed the slaves, and quit ourselves of Dixon and Burns all in the span of a few moments – but we had the element of surprise.  Captain Dane made sure we had no such advantage when we hit the farm.
The party and their conscripts gathered in the darkness near the farmhouse.  Captain Dane called out, he told them that they “had made an enemy you can’t possibly wrap your heads around” and while he couldn’t do anything about that, he asked if there was a way to resolve the conflict without further bloodshed.  Onesimus asked for the old witch, and Dane replied that was not possible.  Knowing the Grinder would show up within hours, Onesimus shouted that they were willing to wait.
During the silence, Sheriff Dent arrived, having been alerted by the explosions.  He had been searching for the mine in the hills, but hadn’t thought to look down by the river.
Ahiga and William spread out from the main group slightly, but the silence continued.  Seri, having become bored by the inaction, sneaks to the barn and tosses a bundle of dynamite, destroying the front of the barn, killing six of the defenders, and beginning a firefight.  During the fight, a large number of the Lindsborg prisoners are killed by the entrenched defenders in the farmhouse.
The gun battle rages on…



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  1. Olivia Keller

    Fear threatened to freeze Olivia in place. She had seen more death and destruction in the last year than anyone should, but most of that had been brief and was visited upon her unawares. Facing a planned battle was terrifying. Holding tightly to the tiny cross around her neck, Olivia prayed for strength and guidance. The camp was settling for the evening, and her odd little party was preparing to strike.

    The detonation at the dam was deafening, and it certainly had the desired effect. The camp went still with shock. The native man Chisi darted away from their group, and the battle started in earnest.

    With the echoing explosion and the crack of gunfire in her ears, Olivia reached inward to God and the calm of prayer. Clarity came. Jeremiah, Chapter 23. Woe to the shepherds who are destroying and scattering the sheep of my pasture! As God vowed to bring the whirlwind down on false prophets, she could bring the same down on these soldiers who abused their fellow men. Reaching her hand toward the camp, Olivia felt the warmth of her faith in the cold night, and the winds began to stir.


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