Abilene Session Notes – 3 January 2015
January, 2015
Abilene Session Notes – 3 January 2015

November 17th, 1878

As if a camp full of slave-driving soldiers over the hill wasn’t bad enough, turns out the dead are up and walking too.  Trying to put down a passel of zombies without waking the entire camp was a bit of a chore.  Thankfully our Chinaman knew how to keep things quiet…
The party assaults the slave camp.  Seri flies to the damn and blows it with dynamite while the party fires into the camp from cover.  The mine is flooded and the surprised soldiers are gunned down.  During the firefight, Dixon and Burns attempt to sneak up on Holden and Patton and are killed.


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  1. patricia

    It took quite a while with talking, but I still do not think anyone actually listened to what the others were saying much. The plan was not too bad, though I am still not sure it deserved the name ‘plan’. They did seem to keep losing track of why we were here, though I did not mind. That place was just wrong, for several reasons. I wanted the mine closed, and after seeing how they treated their slaves, freeing them was a good idea as well.

    So, Rat Girl was to plant some dynamite and blow up the dam. Part of it was to block some of the other guards from reaching us, part of it was to bury the mine, part of it was to create confusion. It worked well enough. The guards rushed out, but we killed them.

    They were surprised and confused, and were relatively easy prey. We took out the guards watching the slaves fairly quickly, and started freeing the slaves. They were in a pretty bad shape, though some of them agreed to help us out.

    Of course, the woman we were after was in the building, not kept among the other slaves. It would have been too easy otherwise.


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