Abilene Session Notes – 6 December 2014
December, 2014
Abilene Session Notes – 6 December 2014

November 17th, 1878

Mr. Smith certainly didn’t want to tell us where to find where they took the prisoners, but once he had a smoking hole in his chest, Joe perked right up.  We didn’t expect to find a ghost rock mine in the middle of Kansas, but find one we did, and it was taking its toll of blood from those trying to extract its treasure…

While the party planned their raid, a rustle in the bushes turned into a several zombies, startling the party, save for William who had witnessed the dead walking at Gettysburg.  After the brief and largely silent battle, William notes that one of the dead is a neighbor of Ronald’s whose daughter Ronald’s son is courting.  William makes no mention.

The party finalizes their plans to assault the camp as the full dark of night comes on.



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  1. patricia

    We found a spot a short distance from the camp where we could plan, though I did not quite understand just what they were trying to do. They wanted to convince the old woman to remove the curse, though if she really was ’ánt’įįhnii, a witch, I doubted she would help.

    On the other hand, I knew nothing about the white man’s magic, that was becoming more and more clear to me. The curse had been cast by a woman, and one who was a mother. That made little sense to me, but perhaps among the whites, it is the women, not the men, who are ’ánt’įįhnii.

    While we were planning, we heard someone approach. Several someones, and they were not trying to be quiet either. They were walking dead. Not evil spirits, but dead bodies walking towards us. They were, however, susceptible to weapons, and were destroyed.

    Of course, we had made quite a bit of noise while fighting, but the whites still took their time before moving away from the dead bodies. Eventually we moved, in case someone decided to investigate. The dead bodies did not seem to bother the whites much, and I suspected explaining to them the other reasons why it was important for us to move away would have been met with blank looks, or even laughter.


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