Agamemnon Honors
Agamemnon Honors

Star of Agamemnon
Awarded to those who distinguish themselves at the risk above and
beyond duty, to serve the Agamemnon and her crew
Medal: A golden four/eight-pointed star in the shape of the Star
League’s symbol, with Agamemnon at the center.  Red and gold
Ribbon: A red ribbon with a gold Agamemnon

Silver sun
Awarded to those who show exceptional courage, whose actions were
performed under great personal risk, both in and out of combat
Medal: Silver leaves in a wreath around a sun
Red band with silver stripe down the middle
Ribbon: Red ribbon with three narrow vertical silver stripes

Silver Star
Awarded to those who perform above and beyond duty, in or out of
combat, but who don’t qualify for the Silver Sun.
Medal: Eight-pointed silver star on a blue-silver-blue band
Ribbon: Blue-silver-blue

Bronze Star
Awarded to those who perform exceptionally well in their duties.
Medal: Eight-pointed bronze star on a green-yellow-green band
Ribbon: Green-yellow-green


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