Alexander’s Suicide Note – Alexander Rahl
January, 2002
Alexander’s Suicide Note – Alexander Rahl

To Those I Have Wronged:

This may be my last moment of lucidity before I ride to do both what I am compelled to do, and what I must do. In the coming days, I fear I will do many things, commit many atrocities, and spill the blood of those undeserving. For these acts I take sole and complete responsibility. It was a thread of darkness within me that kept the tame shadows in my service, a thread of darkness that allowed Tahl-Mearis to come here and face me, and a thread of darkness that compelled me absolutely to place his ring on my finger – an act which has caused an unstoppable series of events that I fear will only end in misery and strife.
Know that those bearing rings who have followed me have done so utterly against their will. In the last days I have felt them fight the hold that She has over them, and through me, She has crushed their wills and bent them to Hers. I was the first. I recruited the first. I am responsible.

I was sixteen when I was told that I was born for a reason, that I was sent to save us all from Her. I have been a foul and foolish vessel. I hope, before the end comes, that I will have the strength to do what I wish to do, but the cord that connects me to my true mother is old and withered. I may go down in history as the man who finally brought Kishara to Sosaria. If this is the case, then to those who will follow me, I apologize.

Perhaps it will be small comfort to know that either way, I shall burn.

With Unbounded Regret
Alexander Rahl


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