Alton’s Debriefings
Alton’s Debriefings

Debriefing Report of Operation: Milk Run Day: 1

After reporting to SM Stein our group immediately began falling to shit.  The trollslayer stomped off toward the woods without rations for the mission.  Others, especially the northman decided we’d need more stuff and I had to agree, they scattered and we left the trollslayer since he’s short and slow and I visited Itchy.

After they finished shopping, and I got everything I needed we caught up with the dwarf, he didn’t get as far as I thought he would and he left a dwarf shaped hole in the forest, it was like he was just walking in a straight line toward where he thought the cave was.

Since we had an elf with us, the rest of the day went without a hassle and camped for the night.

Sir, I dunno why this group was picked for such an important team, as the all look pretty green to me, even as young as I am I’d bet I was in the army longer than any of them, if I can speak frankly.

That doesn’t mean I ain’t willing to stick it out though, you tell me where to go and I’ll be there.

(Continuing from the last report)

So the next day, they all wanted me to lead, made sense to me. I had everyone pack up and move out as quick as possible.

Later we found some tracks, one of the directions lead toward a troll, I knew it’d be faster to just go kill the damned thing than to argue the whole way with the trollslayer, so we went and killed it.  The trollslayer did take a few hits there, but his wounds are from more than just that, he’s got pretty damned strong skin.  If he’s going to spend much more time with us, I’m going to have to take a few more field medic courses, cuz none of them can do it.

So we went to the cave, killed every greenskin that was in there but we found a surprize, chaos dwarves. Looked like the greenskins had knocked down a wall into a mine that these chaos dwarves were walkin around in.  Inside we found dwarven walls, and a ring covered in elvish runes.  According to the elf, it would have held something called star metal or warpstone. After we found nothing else we came back.

Alton jurnel daeye wun:

Ai aem lurneng haow tu reede end writ frome mai mein seow ai chen leurn end writ reapourts seow ai aem maekeng theis jurnel tu peractus teuday wee gaut bach frume ouer mishin tu de gohbluns. Grounck gaut heeld end wee wur sendt tu lishun tu a speek bye menksdt eat wus gued thiss writeng is hared

Sgt. Alton Mission Report: Massan Range Patrol

Our first days were easy, just a standard march to base camp.  We secured the camp and foraged. Later we were joined by Warders Eric and Xander.  We ate together and shared a night watch, the next day I was taken aside by Warder Eric and told to be very careful about who I trusted “out there”.  I took his warning seriously because of his rank.  The Warders left to continue their mission and  we left toward the west and left Diego to.. watch the horses and our food.

On the patrol, we ran into a woman that I now know to be Annabelle Cirrus of the Halfling Underground, leading a bunch of halflings toward us.  Taking Warder Eric’s warning seriously as I did, I drew my weapon in order to make sure they were who they said they were, and to make sure that this wasn’t a trap.  After some talk, we learned they were being followed by a bunch of Southlander army soldiers.

After a minute for planning, I decided that our position was perfect for an ambush, and had everyone get up on the sides of the mountain path and get ready, while Gronk and I hid behind a big tree with a blunderbus.  When the soldiers got in range, I blew a bunch of sharp rocks right into the lot of them, and the fight began.  During the fight Diego showed up, hearing the guns going off, I got injured bad, but we won.  We ended up with a bunch of southlander tabards and gear, we took the lot of it and went back to base camp where Annabelle helped heal us some, and we gave a bunch of food to her and her halflings.

The next day Annabelle’s group moved on, and a few days of patrolling later so did we, toward the western base camp.  Not even a day after we got there, it was very early in the morning, I heard a gunshot and the sound of a Warder warhorn.  We got up quick and ran off to find where it was coming from.  When we got there we found Warder Eric on his knees in front of  an Avenger who was about to kill him.  After firing a shot to distract it, we rushed in to the fight.  We took some heavy hits.. none heavier than Banagher, but I’ll leave it up to him to explain what the hell happened to him, as I still have no fucking idea. He got run through and started to glow, and the damned avenger’s sword melted. Whatever it was that happened, it was the turning point of the fight, and we killed the avenger.

After the fight, we started trying to find out what happened.  It looked like Warder Xander had been shot in the head and killed, leaving Warder Eric to fight an entire horde of orcs and goblins, and the Avenger.  We also found two society members, Fern and Donus Farrier.  They were both mortally wounded by what looked like Warder Eric’s weapon.  Donus was still conscious, but I knew he was done for, he decided to try and keep Fern alive long enough for someone to help her.  I might have been able to save Donus if he’d tried to save himself, Fern was already gone.  With his dying breath he swore to me he was no traitor, and gave me his gun.  He then asked me a personal favor that I am willing to discuss in private, but I’d rather avoid writing it down.  I knew Donus, and I believe him.

After searching the dead orcs, we found a piece of paper that would have given away our location.  It seems the horde of orcs and the avenger were meant for us.. Warder Eric likely saved our lives.  This makes me worry that he killed Donus and Fern out of a mistaken assumption.  Gronk also said to us that it seems the greenskins were working with the Kisharans, which is something that has never happened before.  We tied the bodies of our fallen comrades to the horses, and headed back to Hillcrest.  Moriel seemed unusually agitated about Eric’s sword, and wouldn’t let anyone near him but myself for the entire duration of the trip.  So far she seems unwilling to talk about it.

Journal Entry #2

When I look back at the journal I wrote all those months ago, I feel bad for not writing more as Diego suggested.  Truth be told I was too busy to stop and do it, since back then writing took me so long.  I decided to write another entry because I need to organise my thoughts a little.

Sergei Volkov, my dead acquantance’s commander has gone rogue.  This explains not only what Erik told me, but what Donus told me, I knew he was no traitor.  He gave me a gorgeous rifle, and told me to see Futz about it, and a secret.

Futz is strange, he seems obsessed with watching elves fuck, and in their procreation, but he’s been very helpful, even took my gun apart and showed me how it went back together, although extremely quickly, I could barely follow.

I feel badly now for how I treated Annabelle, not just because she’s Mengst’s woman, but because she really was just trying to help poeple; I wish Erik had been more specific about his warning.

I’m pretty sure Banagher’s a wizard of some sort.  He keeps talking religious, but I’ve never seen a priest bleed energy before.  I really don’t care as long as he points the death from his hand at the other end of the field.

It looks like we’ll be heading south.  I’m still not sure how the hell we’re going to keep Poppy from losing her hands, but I’m sure I’ll think of something.  I should ask for ideas from the team.

(made before the explosion)

Just some quick notes today, got a squad meeting to run in a few.  Last night Diego got his ass hurt trying to piss again, after the fighting was over I found that kind of funny.  Banagher did his creepy magic thing to fix him, I’m not so sure how long he’s going to be able to do that though, he seemed too weak to help me at the archery competition, either that or he’s one of those stingy mages that don’t like to help us unless he thinks it’s important.

I had a great day today though.  We did the marksman contest finally, and I beat the pants off of everybody, even without banagher’s creepy powers.  I think I did Donus proud for it.  Only problem is my arqubus blew up on my last shot and sunk a shard of metal in my arm.  Doesn’t seem so bad right now though, I got a good buzz going after I won Ninety fucking gold betting on myself and Poppy before she blew her shots.

Speaking of Poppy, she was given a gift from Xander, some crossbow called “elfashoot” or something.  Knowing him he wanted her to have it because the irony of giving a crossbow named after shooting elves to a halfy with an elf best friend is fucking hillarious.  I bet he’s getting a good laugh in wherever he went after he died.

Action Report: Southland Missions: Entry 1

(Instead of leaving giant portions out for secrecy’s sake, let’s assume that any part that would betray our mission or the plans of any future part of the mission have been blacked out in a way that can be undone.)

I did not expect things to go so wrong so quickly.  With Warders Erik and Joseph with us I assumed our path to the south would be simple, or at least not lead to any deaths; I was very wrong.

As we left with our extremely heavy gear, we were surprized to have two warders with us.  This surprize was magnified when it became time to start scaling the mountain, Erik told us to leave our gear inside a tree, and lead us through a deep cave through the mountain.  Though the passing was cramped, we eventually found our way down into a lit room.

There were two in this room, one an elderly Etu’sari named Lucas, and what seemed like an apprentice.  They were there to kill Erik, and seemed more than capable of killing the rest of us as well.  The etu’sauri warned us that there was a group of Kisharans further down the route waiting to ambush us.  We were instructed by Erik to move along down the path without him, that our mission was more important.

Being outranked and likely outclassed, I ordered the group further along, hoping to defeat the kisharans ahead, and return to either help or at least treat Erik’s wounds, little did I expect the horrors waiting for us.

Three avengers were standing there waiting for us;  we almost lost Banagher to one, and now there were three. The battle started almost immediately and in an attempt to save Gronk’s life, Warder Joseph has been killed.  We must go on not only with the loss of Joseph, but Poppy is also seriously wounded and the Kisharans know we’re coming, and knew from where.

I’m not sure who to trust now.

Action Report: Soutland Missions: Entry 2

We put Poppy back together as best we could and Gronk flipped out and burned Joseph’s symbol into his forehead, so we had to take some time to rest.  Somewhere during the “night”, Moriel disappeared.  We assumed at first she went back to find Erik, but when we were all well awake she just reappeared out of nowhere.

Eventually we found the mouth of the cave, though not before having a disturbing experience with the main road under the mountain.  It felt like a sea of something sinister lurks under there.  After finding the exit, Vladimir fell into a river and down a waterfall.  he’s surprizingly resilient, because he managed not to drown.

After several cold weeks on and off of southland roads, we came across a convoy which held a prisoner that Diego and Gronk swore was the old Emperor, but with such a small group, we could do nothing but watch them pass by.

Still even longer down the road, and in the pouring rain (I hate rain.) we came across a halfling woman who lead us into Riverton.  Now we have been given luxurious quarters in the mayoral mansion.  I know I am supposed to be among Society friends, but something still makes me feel uneasy.

Action Report: Southlands Mission: Entry 2

After the meeting we all went to sleep, in beds no less.  I didn’t sleep much, what with the growing feeling that something was horribly wrong.  Suspicion began to creep into every plan I came up with.  I kept wondering if Gronk and Vlad were capable of killing the halfling woman if she tried to double cross us.  I feel guilty for those feelings, looking back on it now..  I think being in the south is making me paranoid.

The next day we ate, and my suspicions began to wane, Peruppi had let us know that they were abandoning the south.  We shared the location of the path through the mountains, so they didn’t have to wait through the winter to get back home, she informed us that her mission to save William Melvar had failed, and that he had been taken through the waygate.  We then discussed our material needs for our mission and they gathered for us what they could spare and told us of a safehouse in (redacted target city).

The next morning we were woken by alarms, it seems that the enemy now knew of our operation in Riverton.  Whether this was our doing, or just the inevitability of time I may never know.  Our escape was quick, we were pointed in the right direction and set off on our escape.  On the way to our escape vehicle, we were set upon by a hidden contingent of peacekeepers, and had Banagher not warned us, we would have blundered right into the middle of them.

The fight was difficult, and Moriel has been injured.. and what’s worse, we arrived at the wagons without realizing one very important fact.. nobody knows how to use the damned thing.

Action Report: Southland Mission: Entry 4

After quickly hitching the horses together with deft precision, Gronk and I spurred the horses to a quick gallop.  After quickly realising the pace we set was no longer necessary, we settled into a more comfortable pace toward Penshin.  Not long down the road we happened upon a peacekeeper checkpoint.

At this checkpoint was a half giant we had encountered before, Chumley.  He was chained up, and it looked like they were burning some of his books and torturing him, so we decided to attack.  Little did we know that hiding within a tent nearby was a strangler.  He stepped from his hiding place and erupted our carriage in purple flame.

How the others in the carriage survived I still do not know, yet somehow one by one exited the carriage to fight and we destroyed them.  After freeing Chumley, he dove for the fire in an attempt to save his books, but all he could save was the wooden cover of the sword of aluviel.  After a short discussion with him, we sent him to join the other refugees with what we could spare, and moved on.

When we arrived in Penshin, I quickly fooled the guard into letting us in without a search, and we were able to access the society safehouse within the city, now we just have to deal with the nearly limitless number of troop transport vessels we found upon our arrival, preparing to sail for the north.  Our mission has become much more difficult.

Action Report: Soutland Mission: Entry 5

We’ve established ourselves in Penshin somehow.  It’s tentative at best and we’ve already stumbled into something troublesome, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Sent the team on short investigations and a scouting run on the target, nothing panned out and I still haven’t got a clue what to do about the fleet headed north.  I need a plan, badly and I have nothing.

To top it all off, we got a package last night full of some real valuable cargo.  I let it come down to a vote and the bastards tied, so I had to make the decision anyway.  We’re going to deliver the package and hope it gains us some favor with whoever we’re delivering it to.  Maybe we’ll get lucky and find some people willing to become heroes for a nation they’ve never met before.

I just hope nothing else comes up while we’re trying to get this done.


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