An Interrupted Journal – Kalipso
January, 2002
An Interrupted Journal – Kalipso

She gazes down at his sleeping face…His handsome, dark features finally peaceful compared to his looks of anguish and suffering after his treacherous ordeal. She silently bends over and gently brushes his brow with a kiss before exiting the chamber. She scouts out the dark gloom of the structure for any lurking dangers and departs.

She arrives at her front door; glad to see the torch she left out was still burning brightly. She grabs the torch and enters. With the torch as a guide she searches the rooms thoroughly, finding nothing. She creeps back downstairs and kneels before a chest, placing the torch propped up in a holder beside it. She rummages through the chest and unlocks a box containing her battered journal, which she tucks under her arm. She grabs a candle and lights it with the torch while snatching a quill before the trunk’s lid snaps shut. She makes her way back up to the library where she settles herself on a bench to write.

Her minds in a tangle from the whirl of events that have happened. Many of her new friends in the grasp of a power that she can’t even begin to fathom with so few left to save them. Memories of the few past days keep flashing through her mind…. Dragging Leeja’s bruised and battered body though the streets of Jhelom… Hiding out with the constant fear of being found… Guild mates exchanging blows, shedding each other’s blood on the tower steps… The general’s burnt and bloodied body gasping for breath…

She crosses her arms on the still blank pages of her journal, resting her head on her arms and closing her eyes, trying to make sense of things.

The room suddenly lights up as a fireball fly’s at her from behind, nearly singeing her hair! She springs up and pivots around knocking the bench across the room and whips out her kryss. She spies only darkness between the bookcases and hears a familiar light laugh.

She resheaths her weapon and barks, “Alright ye got me! Show yourself!”

Out from the shadows glides Morgan, her flawless face wrinkled into a wry grin, her emerald eyes seeming to pierce a person’s very soul, “You losing your talents my dear?”

Kalipso smiles sheepishly, “I can nay detect silent shadows on a night so dark m’lady. Where are yur guards, tis a dangerous place for ye to be?”

Morgan’s face lights up with laughter, “If you believe me a shadow, then it’s easy to elude a couple of yammering dolts!”

Kalipso laughs and strolls over to Morgan throwing her arms around her, Morgan returns the embrace. “How goes things with you my dear?” Morgan says softly.

Kalipso lets her go and backs away a bit awkwardly, apologizing for wrinkling Morgan’s silk robes, and goes about putting the bench back in place.

“Well?” inquires Morgan.

Kalipso glances over at her, the sorrow emanating from her dark eyes, “Why do ye ask what ye already know?”

Morgan sighs and looks to her, “I warned you about the mercenaries…He’s just going to hurt you!”

Kalipso glares at her, fury blazing in her eyes, “I chose my path, as you have yurs…. Now let me be!” Kalipso abruptly turns and faces the bookcase, “I…I…I’m sorry for snapping m’lady.”

Morgan steps towards her and rests her hand on Kalipso’s shoulder, “ From what I hear he seems to be honorable enough. But men of power tend to be pompous and arrogant, as you should know. Never let him think you are less than him, in that you would dishonor yourself. Do not betray your upbringing my dear, embrace it and show your value. Morgan lifts her hand from Kalipso’s shoulder and melts into the darkness.

Kalipso turns around, “Milady, I…” She sighs and bends to pick up her fallen journal and quill and regains her seat on the bench. She opens her journal and stares at the blank page for what seems to be an eternity. She gets up quickly from her seat, stalks downstairs and mindlessly tossing her journal and quill into the chest. She chants a spell and blinks out of site.


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