An Introduction To Awakening
January, 2011
An Introduction To Awakening

Awakening:  The First Chronicle of The Last Legion is going to start a little differently than other campaigns.  Since I intend to use a world that none of the players are familiar with (and tweak it a bit to boot), I’m opting to withhold all information about the campaign until play begins, which will allow me to introduce the players to the world as the game progresses without burdening everyone with having to read reams of documentation about the politics, history, and technology of this science-fiction universe.  The players will select archetypes for their characters (and names if they so choose) during my development phase, but actual character creation will occur after the first or second session.

There is no current schedule for the start of the campaign.  I’ll be building the roster shortly and will use that to inform the initial story doc.  When that is complete, we’ll schedule it to follow the current active game.


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