Armageddon Session Notes – 9 March 2013
March, 2013
Armageddon Session Notes – 9 March 2013

Corbett vaults over the table, tackling the Librarian.  The rest of the party holds off the increasingly-large and threatening band of locals until finally a shot is fired from the back of the crowd, triggering a massive firefight.  Corbett shoots and kills the Librarian, and as he’s being dragged out of the line of fire by Jack, notices his name on one of the White Queen’s predictions.  He grabs a handful of the flowcharts and shoves them in his vest.

A brutal running firefight ensues, in which the party slays dozens upon dozens of the facility’s enraged inhabitants.  Eventually, some heavy hitters arrive, including a sniper, and several members of the team are wounded, Jack critically so.  During the fight, the team has several exchanges with the young girl on the radio, who identifies herself as Alice.

Once the majority of the locals are dead or scattered, Normandy comes in to evacuate Jack (after an aborted run in which she was fired upon by some old anti-air defenses).  The remainder of the party heads down to sub-level seven.

Corbett gets a chance to look at the sheaf of predictions, which have become blood-soaked.  The entry with his name on it says simply “85.3BT.39710.3245-A:  Stimson convinces Tokugawa”.  He cannot see what comes before or after this branch due to damage to the printout.

Vail contacts Normandy via the entanglement device.  He informs Mitch that the resistance has made contact with Bigend and they’ve gotten the details of his plan, including his fascination with the Ares Turing project.  He relays that Ares attempted three medium for hosting AIs.  Rasputin was hosted in a synthetic biomass.  Bigend’s “data bomb” is likely the third, meant to use the infostructure of an entire planet to attain sentience.  The first, however, was hosted in a human brain.

The party enters the security office, where Alice is supposedly hiding, and finds a damaged an emaciated young girl in a cryogenic chamber attached to an entire room of computers.  Alice can’t seem to look into this room, and experiences some cognitive dissonance attempting to understand where the party is and why they’re not where she is.  Corbett tries his best to understand the nature of the device, but comes to the conclusion that this is both the White Queen and Alice, and could not be removed from the Ares facility without extraordinary care and expertise.

The party opens locker nine to find a photo of a young girl, presumably the one in the chamber, and the jewelry box they were sent for.  Within the box is an ancient gold coin, marked in Greek with the name Alexandrius upon it – presumably a coin from Alexander’s reign.

The White Queen begins speaking over the facility’s loudspeakers as well as on Normandy – rambling a constant stream of predictions.  Normandy detects a radiation spike beneath the facility, indicating a meltdown.  The party flees to the surface and boards Normandy.  The voice of the White Queen begins chanting “all of the warriors, none of the poets” for several more moments, and finally, Alice speaks, asking “hey…where are you guys going?” before the Ares facility detonates.



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