Ascension Session Notes – 28 July 2012
July, 2012
Ascension Session Notes – 28 July 2012

Aboard Agamemnon, there’s a small cheer from the CIC crew as the IFF transmitter on Alabama is set to its original Star League designation.  Captain Anderson has a surprise for Becker – he had managed to track one of the Clan gunships that hadn’t been completely destroyed in the firefight and capture it.  In the Operations Center, Captain Webb has been up since the engagement examining the combat recordings, and just as Janks’ team is about to penetrate the listening post, realizes that the communications jamming hasn’t been working on the enemy.  A blanket of communication descends on the planet, preventing Agamemnon from contacting the surface.

Mitch’s Shiva is shot down by anti-aircraft fire near the listening post, and Bravo squadron withdraws to a safe distance.  He ejects and makes his way to the listening post.

On the ground, the special forces team attempts to enter the listening post, but is repelled by an  extremely  heavily-armed and well-dug-in enemy.  As the rest of the team begins resorting to extremely risky tricks to try and take out a weapon emplacement, Rance remote pilots their Cheyenne dropship through the garage doors and into the loading bay, causing a massive fuel detonation.

Once the area cools enough for the team to enter, they find themselves pinned by a force in an adjacent warehouse.  Several of the enemy appear to be highly-modified with greenish skin and grey blood.  Also, a small lab reveals several cylinders that appear to be growing these green humans.

On the Agamemnon, a sudden jolt in the ship’s trajectory reveals a large area of space above the planet that is seemingly free of gravitational forces – both from the planet and the Prinis Prime star.  It occurs to Colonel Becker that such a zone could allow ships to plot a K-F jump well within the gravity well of a star.

The special forces team forces their way into the warehouse, but Stella, Blake, and Geers are seriously wounded in the firefight.


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  1. Patricia Gillian


    At least we have one of their gunships, thanks to captain Alexander. I just hope we have the time to find a way to use it against them.

    A major problem is that they are technically our superiors. They can jam us, while our jamming doesn’t seem to affect them. Which means we cannot warn the crew on the ground. And that is only the least of our problems. What is worse, they have some sort of device that seems to be able to counter gravity. Meaning they can jump far closer to a planet than we can. In fact, they can jump in right on top of us.

    So, we need to figure out how to counter it. And be prepared in case something big jumps in right on top of us.


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