Boone’s Diary – Day 1
June, 2001
Boone’s Diary – Day 1

Diary of Boone
Day 1 of the Rose

Who would have thought a year ago that I would be a soldier? How much of a soldier remains to be seen. I suppose men have all sorts of reasons for why they do things; my reasons are always simple… self-preservation. The world was getting a little to crowded for me to wander alone. With the Rose, at least I have allies, and strong allies at that.

My first day in held a few pieces of information. Seems Orcs like to trouble the isle. What news is that, Orcs trouble any place that they can squat and shit in. Orc gruntees are like those annoying Jehlom horse flies, they got a mean bite, but swat em good once, and ya wont be bothered for a while.

Later, an assault on Lt. Kenyon brought a quick retaliation to Yew. My vantage from the winery roof proved most enlightening. It seems clear that the man known as Okami, of the Knights of Yew, does not want our mercenary group in Yew. Though for my money mercenaries blend in more than Knights in an abyss like Yew. Regardless, he assaulted Lt. Kenyon. Quickly myself and other Roses showed and began swift retribution. Another band of men, clad in blue cloaks, likely the Knights of Justice, (a contradiction in terms), interceded on behalf of Okami. As I sat watching from my perch I found one trait that I do admire about the Rose command. Make the mark, and save the war for another time. Nocturne and Aragos concentrated on Okami and ignored the Justice Knights, and quickly Okami was laid low. I later learned that this Okami had been some sort of militia Captain in Yew, and because of his act of aggression against Kenyon, he was being stripped of the rank. All in all, the fight I judged as a draw, but vengeance was taken.

One other note of interest. During the fight, there was on the other side, one Rose who seemed intent on trying to cease the assault. Dennys I think his name is. Dennys was obviously conflicted about his mission there, and likely thought the best recourse was to talk it out with the local politicians. Thinking will get you in trouble every time, and so it was with Dennys. I thought the Lt. was going to send ole Dennys to the Jehlom pits naked with a dinner fork for a moment. I think the point was made. Never leave a Rose to fight alone. Dennys is a good man, and good men often try to think things out first, violence as a last resort, that sort of thing. Perhaps Dennys went into the wrong line of work.

The General will never here me belly aching about the moral particulars of any action. Point, and its done. An unarmed man dies just as easily as an armed man, and a peaceful village burns just as brightly as the home of brigands. Either or makes little difference to me. This is my nitch, where I belong, and why they will need me more than they know. There will always be things that need to be done, that good men wont do…. and when that time comes, they will come to me.


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