Boone’s Diary – Day 10
June, 2001
Boone’s Diary – Day 10

10th day of the rose
2 letters of commondation

Poor Dennys, locked away awaiting court martial. Attemped to kill Carnifex bride on her wedding day. Perhaps I labled Dennys a ‘good man’ to quickly, it seems the boy may have potential. I do admire the flare of the whole thing. Nothing particularly sneaky about it. Simply walk up, loose an arrow at the bride right as she says “I do”. Shame I missed the show. Weddings are so dreadfully boring, but this one seems to have had promise.

Some are saying it is because of a sickness that Dennys lashed out. Well, I suppose the evil that men do could be called symptoms of a sickness, would that not make me a very ill man indeed though.

I suppose we should hang poor Dennys. Not for the attack so much, but for failing as a soldier. One highly trained corporal could not down a woman in a wedding dress. Surely the superiors have taken note of this, and will pass this information down to the drill instructors. Perhaps we will be given lessons on how to succesfully kill a Bride. My wouldnt that be a good show.

I doubt anything will come of it at all. Dennys will be booted back to private, and Carnifex wife will likely make one attempt on Dennys life. Twould be a mercy killing I spose.

Alas, on to sunnier news…

It seems my gifts were found sooner rather than later. Before I could blink an eye, I was taken out of the 2nd squad and moved over to the cap’ns devision. Seems somone musta heard good things bout me. Regardless, my work hasn’t changed, it’s just been given priority now.

Another coin, another birdy to sing in my ear. The repedative monotonous nature of paying whisperers would be tedious were it not for the handful of them who actually tell of usefull news. These commoners who simply happen to be at the right place at the right time, tis their good fortune I pay well. The Cap’n probably wouldnt like his new man being made as a master of whisperer’s so quickly, so an example was made right from the start as to what would occur should anyone become loose lipped about their new fortune. Gregor hadn’t seen so much as a spark when his body ignited. T’was truly a marvelous show, most fortunate that his wife and child were able to attend. That always makes the story better, to hear the man burned alive wouldn’t likely sway anyone away from giving me up, however, to do it in front of his wife and daughter, illustrates quite well that they are dealing with a cold hearted maniacal (yet quite brilliant )son of a bitch, who, fortunately for them, has use of their eyes and ears.

I shant forget that child. Her face an etch of horror as she watched her father burn alive. But there was something else there hidden behind her tears and wails…. a wonder, awe, and a dangerous curiousity. Im sure the whole ordeal will follow her whole life. Doubtless she will search out the man who did this when she is a bit older. Shall be a pity to lay her down the same way…. alas exceptions can not be made…. not in this line of work.

Regardless, the demonstration had its desired effect. The little birdies now remain silent, and only stir in their cages, and speak only when the master comes to feed them, and learn of their tales.

Be wary, fo ye know not when the master cometh…


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