Character Advancement (House Rule)
Character Advancement (House Rule)

Okay, been thinking a lot about character advancement, and here’s what I think we’re going to try:


  • For any career change, you must convince me that your character has naturally evolved into that career.  Additionally, you must possess all of the trappings and spend the requisite points (100xp for an exit, 200xp for any basic career).  If you are moving to a career exit, you must have completed the advance scheme and possess all of the skills and talents of your current career.  Some circumstances are obviously easier than others.  Your best bet is to let me know the direction you want to go as early as possible and I will endeavor to give you the opportunity to get there.

Skills and Talents

  • You may purchase specialties in any skill you currently possess.  Up to two additional levels of specialty can be purchased at 100xp each.  The only condition is that you must have recently used the skill in play. 

  • At any time, you may make an argument for a skill or talent within your advance scheme that you feel you have been implicitly using during gameplay.  This will come into play for talents much more often than skills.  For example, if you have Mighty Shot in your advance scheme and are consistently using a ranged weapon for an extended period, it’s reasonable to assume that you’re getting better at targeting soft spots, and can spend the xp to get the talent.

  • To learn a new skill or talent not covered by implicit gameplay, you must practice and/or be trained.  Basic skills and talents can be researched by the learner by trial and error, but advanced skills require a trainer or other authoritative source (like a textbook). Once the appropriate number of trainign hours have been reached, the learner can spend the xp to get the talent or skill.

    • Basic skills require 100 hours of training time, advanced skills and talents require 150 hours.  If the skill is outside of the character’s current advance scheme, it requires an extra fifty hours.

    • The total hours required can be reduced by the learner’s applicable statistic.

    • A character may not train or learn an active skill when heavily wounded, furthermore, any training or learning of an active skill in a day negates the character’s natural healing roll for that day.

    • On average, training hours can be accrued in the following ways:

      • Twelve hours for every day completely devoted to training.

      • Four hours for every uninterrupted travel day.

      • Three hours for every uninterrupted camp evening (this can be in addition to the travel time).

      • Any character left “watching the horses” (player can’t make the session) is considered to be having a full day’s training time for every game day that passes.  If multiple players are absent they can coordinate training/learning between them.



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