Colonel’s Log: First Entry
January, 2002
Colonel’s Log: First Entry

It has been a week past since the disappearance of the Generals son. The Stormguard has begun thier secret dance. The troops have taken a form if disarray, a stance most unpleasent. While the young Privates can be found in the Court Yard, earning thier pay. Many of the Senior Elnisted as well as my officers are found to be drifting. Perhaps they remember what came last when young Alexander crossed into such woes.

I must keep the troops focus on what is tangiable. The Undead threat is greater than ever. While I have kept thier armies at bay for now. These magics will only stay thier wrath for so long. We must take more samples of thier Well of Souls. But to collect such samples we must be ready. The power of the undead is without question, a great force. We must be prepared for it, as thier numbers are equal to thier skill.

I have ordered our training to be doubled. The Ancients are well aware of our weaknesses. And this is where our training shall be focused.

In respects to the General. I have not spoken to him since the accident claimed his son. Still I mean to see him soon. There is a great darkness on the horizon. I feel it growing and and uneasy force burns within me. I wish to question him about this.

In Service to the Society
Colonel Anubis
Executive Officer, BRS


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