Coming This Fall…
May, 2013
Coming This Fall…

In 1863 it all went wrong.

They say that the dead at Gettysburg got back up.  I didn’t believe the stories…at the time….  Then California fell into the ocean, the Blues and the Grays hit a stalemate, and ghost rock is powering everything from cannon to automata.  Folk became afraid of the dark.   I think I started to believe.

Fifteen years since everything went a little sideways.  The USA and CSA both claim they’re stayin’ out of Kansas – but that ain’t stopped the Texas Rangers or the Agency from hangin’ folk.  Wild Bill was fired, the Wichita Witches are tearassing through the Union Blue Line, Chief Howling Wind and his Kiowa have lost their goddamned minds, and I’m pretty sure the new Marshall ain’t exactly…alive.

Were I you, pardner, I’d sell that herd and get out of here, cuz the high plains are becoming hell on Earth, and it’ll take some big damn heroes riding in here to keep the night at bay.

Welcome to Abilene.


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