Custom Skills & Merits
February, 2011
Custom Skills & Merits

Here are the custom skills and merits that will be used in the campaign.  The merits are available only through archetype selection.


  • Capital Ship Operation: Covers the operations of large starships – from astrogation to jump calculations to naval weapons to logistics.
  • Engineering: The ability to fabricate and repair the critical technologies in use by mankind.
  • Tactics: General knowledge of warfare – specialties include naval, aerospace, ground, etc..
  • Pilot: The management of any aerospace craft that is maneuvered with dexterity.
  • Command: The ability to effectively manage and coordinate subordinates.


  • War College: The character has received formal tactical training from a military academy.  Add this merit’s rating to any Tactics or Command dice pool.
  • Military Sciences: The character has received formal training in military technology that is considered lost or otherwise not available to the average person.  Add this merit’s rating to any Engineering or Science dice pool.


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