Fantasy Grounds Tutorial: How To Help Me Help You
Fantasy Grounds Tutorial: How To Help Me Help You


And by “help” what I really mean is “do it cuz I’m not tracking your bonuses in my head”.


Here’s a brief overview of some incredibly helpful things you can do to make life easier on your GM and yourself.  Please implement them as soon as you possibly can.


First things first – PLEASE populate your combat mini-sheets with as much useful information as you can cram into them.  This data shows up on my combat tracker and lets me see your armor, weapons, and any special skills that are appropriate.  Mayvik did a very good job on his, pictured below.



Note that he summarized his armor as it suggests, listed his primary weapons with their special traits and damage, and listed some of his combat-related talents.


Now, I want to show everyone how to set up hotkeys for their commonly-used modifiers and die-rolls.  This will not only help you remember common modifiers, but it will also label your die rolls appropriately – which is invaluable in helping me keep track of what’s going on.


First step is to get your common modifiers onto your sheet, there is a section of the combat tab with room for it.  Note the Sharpshooter and Fire Into Melee modifiers below.  Be aware of the values – negative numbers for beneficial modifiers, positive for penalties.



Then, drag and drop the modifier value into one of the hot-bar spots.



Finally, rename the hotbar spot something appropriate.



If you want to have the die roll itself be hotkeyed, get the dice in your grip and drag them onto a hotbar slot as well.



Now, you can select the appropriate modifiers with the hot keys, roll your dice, and your roll shows up with all the modifiers and makes your GM very happy!




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