Form and Structure of the Northlands Army as of 29 NC
Form and Structure of the Northlands Army as of 29 NC

In the New Calendar year 29, the Northlands army is encamped at Everwatch and Hillcrest.  The army is composed of roughly five thousand volunteers formed into five battalions and led by Mengst’s elite Black Rose Society.  At any given time, one battalion is stationed at Everwatch and are relieved on a weekly basis from the troops at Hillcrest.  The Black Rose Society ranks its members as an infantry company, but they are all essentially treated as general officers by the army.

The following outlines the key players and organizational structure:

Patron Of The Army:  Duke Stephen Tyr of Westergarde

General Of The Army:  Captain-General Kironius Mengst

The Black Rose Society

The Society is organized as a small special operations company.  Each member of the command staff, in addition to overseeing their area of the Society, also bears responsibilities for the Northlands army as a whole.  The Company Quartermaster, for example, oversees the four supply companies in the army’s supply and engineering battalion.  Besides the command staff, the Society is made up of four units, three operations units who take on various special tasks required by command, and the Warders, an ultra-elite group of knights who take on extraordinarily dangerous operations on behalf of Mengst himself.

    • Command Staff
      • Company XO:  Lieutenant William “Willie” Melvar (missing in the South since 28NC – last reported in Riverton)
  • Company Wizard: Warrant Officer Goblin
  • Company Wizard: Warrant Officer Deke Winter
  • Company Surgeon: Warrant Officer Cedric Blaine
  • Company Sergeant:  Sergeant Major Gareth Stein
  • Company Quartermaster:  First Sergeant Itchy
  • Company Engineer: First Sergeant Smoot
  • Company Engineer: First Sergeant Futz Fiddlygibblet (KIA)
  • Warders
    • Warder Erik
    • Warder Xander  (KIA)
    • Warder Aaron
    • Warder Shadow
    • Warder Thomas
    • Warder Joseph (KIA)
    • Warder Steven (KIA)
    • Warder Fariq
    • Warder Simon (KIA)
    • Warder Kev
    • Warder Sten (KIA)
    • Warder Marivel (KIA)
  • Operations 1
    • First Sergeant Sergei Volkov
    • Sergeant Ferris
    • Corporal Shep
    • Corporal Shar’we
    • Corporal Cutter
    • Private Lars
    • Private Steen
    • Private Kirk
    • Private Bink
    • Private Lassiter
    • Private Donus Farrier (KIA)
    • Private Fern (KIA)
  • Operations 2
    • First Sergeant Jacob Bin Warri
    • 11 Soldiers
  • Operations 3
    • The PCs

The Northlands Army

The army is composed of five total battalions.  Four combat units each containing three companies of infantry, one of archers and riflemen, and one of cavalry.  The fifth battalion is the support group, consisting of combat engineers, craftsmen, foragers, herders, farriers, etc..



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