(HoloNet) – Society Accepts Contract From Imperial Center
October, 2003
(HoloNet) – Society Accepts Contract From Imperial Center

Society Accepts Contract from Imperial Center
For Immediate HoloNet Release

Imperial News Service (Naboo) – The Black Rose Society, the secretive mercenary company who came out of the Unknown Regions shortly before the Clone Wars and has been selling their services to governments throughout the galaxy ever since, has finally accepted a long-standing offer of patronage from Imperial Center. After a crippling defeat at Arkazi 2 which has left their personnel and infrastructure greatly reduced, the Society contacted Lord Hethrir and began negotiations.

“We’ve been trying to get them for several years now,” said an aide from Lord Hethrir’s office on condition of anonymity, “but I think their Captain wanted to stay out of the civil war. With him dead on Arkazi, we had our chance to negotiate with someone new, and even though their numbers are reduced, they still possess that devious element that’s been their earmark since they arrived in our part of the galaxy.”

Debinani Rahl, the Society Annalist (a sort of historian role passed down through the centuries of the Society’s activity) and only surviving officer, was more circumspect. “They made us a good deal,” he commented during a brief interview, “and a good deal for any who would join us.”

Most of the details of the Society’s contract with the Empire are classified, including the terms and length of their service, but one detail that we have been able to learn shows Imperial Center’s willingness to aid in the reconstruction of the venerable mercenary band. “They’ve turned loose a rancor,” commented a member of Naboo’s Royal Security Force, “the Empire is allowing any criminal accused of any charge short of treason clemency during the time they serve with the Black Rose. Combine that with the sense of brotherhood within their ranks and you’ve got a band of cutthroats that won’t be distracted with infighting. In many ways they could end up being more dangerous than the Hutts or Black Sun.”

While many questions about the Society’s role within the New Order remain unanswered, one thing has become abundantly clear: The Black Rose Society is on the ground in the Empire, and they’ve hit it running.


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