“I remember how…” – Debinani Rahl
November, 1999
“I remember how…” – Debinani Rahl

–==Official Submission==–
FROM: General Debinani Rahl
RE: “I remember how…”

“I remember how…”

The five daemons encircling the old man didn’t much care.
He sat there on the bloodstained ground, his gaze shifting
between the body of Draven a short distance away and a
particularly interesting wildflower he had plucked a short
while ago.

“I remember how…”
The daemons shifted slightly and snorted a bit of fire,
because that’s what daemons did.

In a moment of clarity, the old man examined his pets with
a practiced efficiency. One had been badly wounded getting
rid of the daemons that Draven had summoned and probably
wouldn’t last long. The other four appeared to be growing
bored and would probably leave back to their home plane
soon enough.

The wildflower was much more interesting.

“I remember how…”
One of the daemons returned to its home with a flash of
light and a puff of sulfur and brimstone.

Old Lybor sat on his horse a short distance away. He tried
to remain perfectly still and not shift uncomfortably in
the presence of the unstable daemons and the even more
unstable man sitting on the ground playing with a
wildflower. Much to his chagrin his horse shifted
uncomfortably instead.
Kyle Duskwalker stood in his polished mail across the
clearing glowering at the daemons, their venerable master,
and his own inability to dispel them all.

“I remember how…”
The daemons, now incalculably bored, settled in to wait for
the old man’s binding spell to end.

The old man took a long look at the corpse before him, and
tossed the wildflower away.

“I remember how…”
The daemons shifted slightly, hoping against hope that
something interesting was about to happen.

Suddenly, and without warning, nothing interesting happened
whatsoever, and the four remaining daemons returned to
their home with a sigh of relief.

“…to kill.”
The old man stood slowly and began to make his way home.


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