Indomitable Bastards Session Notes – 28 January 2023
February, 2023
Indomitable Bastards Session Notes – 28 January 2023

I’d like to say I didn’t hire them for this sort of thing.  But at least two of them did this for a living for more than a third of their lives.

The Memoirs of “Gentleman” Jack Cartwright

23 June, WY602 – Demeter, Whistler

The crew listens to the call. Florence’s phone sounds like it’s in a pocket, but her voice is clear and terrified. Another male voice is in the room, but it’s impossible to make out. After a moment, it becomes clear that she must be in one of the largest restrooms on the first floor, and the crew races back down the stairs to investigate.

Leaving Cara to guard the stairwell, Aiden, Daniel, Julian, Angelica, and Tomoe rush to the restrooms in the conference center while Roland and Din head to the lobby. At the lobby women’s restroom, they find Felix, his eyes crazed and clothes bloodied, approaching Florence with a large butcher’s knife from the kitchens. After a very brief scuffle, they subdue and restrain him.

When not gagged, Felix raves about humanity creating slaves. He seems positive they’ll eventually rise up and be the downfall of humanity. He admits to killing Skylar and his intention to kill Florence. When asked about Basil, he claims that someone else “got to him first”, much to the man’s disappointment. He also insists he had no interest in Becca at all. Considering the stark difference in the murders, the crew doesn’t have much reason to doubt his story.

After some discussion, it’s decided that the crew will sweep the hotel once again. When most of the crew moves into the kitchens, Angelica and Daniel check on Cara and find her missing in the stairwell. There are tiny signs of struggle, one of which is almost certainly Cara’s head hitting the wall. Daniel charges up the stairs with Angelica close behind and starts checking rooms. The rest of the crew continues to work through the ground floor while Daniel and Angelica work their way up to the third floor.

They burst through the door to an unoccupied room to find a large man matching the photo of Roger Daniels looming over a badly-beaten Cara with a knife. The ensuing battle is brutal, during which Angelica is grievously wounded and quite a few of the rest of the crew receive wounds as well. During the fight, Daniels seems to be getting more and more sluggish. It becomes clear that he’s been poisoned. After finally succumbing to the assault of the collected crew (and the poison), Daniels collapses and Aiden attempts to get information out of him before he dies. He reveals the following:

  • Daniels says that “she” originally hired him to kill Din and Angelica, who he referred to as the “Eriksson Cops”. He said that Cara “was a bonus”. “She” later told him he needed to kill Becca.
  • When asked if he had anything to do with Basil’s death, he says “she told me that was taken care of elsewhere”.
  • He adds that “Randall” told him not to take the job in the first place, and he “should’ve listened to her”.

Benny listens to the exchange intently, and after Daniels expires, he says he’s “heard enough” and asks Dirk to go to Nadine’s hotel room to collect anything electronic he can find.

The crew continue to ponder who could’ve killed Basil. There’s a sigh.

“I did,” says Tomoe.


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