Indomitable Bastards Session Notes – 30 April 2022
Indomitable Bastards Session Notes – 30 April 2022

“My name is Tomoe Gozan. I have helped rescue Colonel Cara Burton and some of her Marines from Grove. Our ship was shot down over Myrr, and there are soldiers trying to kill us.”

Now, dear reader, I have done some brash things in my time, but this…this just…

Can you imagine?  Can you imagine being the CO of that destroyer – your mission, your job…hell maybe even your life…dependent upon absolute secrecy – and some retired folk singer and a playboy news commentator livestreams your operation on the planetary emergency channel? Can you imagine the creeping dread that crawled through that poor sod’s bowels?

Yeah…well fuck that guy.  He took his dick out and my friends bit it off!  He ran.  

But his masters were pissed…off.

The Memoirs of “Gentleman” Jack Cartwright

15 February, WY602 – Myrr, Roberts

The crew prepares for the inevitable strike. Ronald and Angelica fashion some fairly impressive remote claymores from industrial materials found around the farm and they plant them on approaches to the home.

In less than two hours, a platoon of troops attacks, covered by a sniper nearly a kilometer away. Tomoe begins to broadcast the battle live on the Guardian emergency channel, occasionally cutting in helmet cams from the crew. A pitched firefight ensues during which nearly the entire crew is injured to one extent or another.

While the attackers are slowed down substantially by the explosives, they’re not stopped, and the end of the battle happens in extreme close quarters before the attackers finally break and attempt to flee. One of the Guardian pilots still in the area recognizes that there’s a number of fairly famous and influential people in the crew and attacks the position of the sniper from the air, ending the battle.


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