Indomitable Bastards Session Notes – 8 April 2023
Indomitable Bastards Session Notes – 8 April 2023

There was little I could’ve done differently.  The legal issues involved required things happen in a certain way that guaranteed the location of the recovery site become known.

That being said…those bastards showed up awfully fast.

The Memoirs of “Gentleman” Jack Cartwright

29 July, WY602 – Deep Space: San Orestes Recovery Site

There’s an intense few minutes as the missiles close the thousands of kilometers between the two ships, but between electronic countermeasures and point defense, the enemy gunship’s missiles don’t land on San Orestes. As the ships close, the two ships continue to trade missile volleys and the enemy ship launches two cutters, presumably an attempt to board.

As the ships get closer, two full volleys of missiles connect with the enemy gunship, shattering it, and the crew’s turrets take out the two cutters before they can get close. Cara orders the ship to accelerate to pursue the wreckage of the gunship, and Julian takes a drone over to investigate.

Meanwhile, Daniel works to repressurize the cargo bay and boarding ramps and Din, Roland, and Aiden work to restore the last of the dive grids. Six hours later, the jump drive is online and Julian has retrieved a cargo container containing quite a bit of purloined platinum from the pirates’ hold. The crew chooses not to spend more time on-site conducting repairs or searching the wreckages of their assailants for goods or survivors.

Without further ado (and because they have almost no food aboard), the ship dives for Foxglove.


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