Kenyons Journal….. A Trial and a Charge.
September, 2003
Kenyons Journal….. A Trial and a Charge.

Traitor a word no man wants to hear spoken about himself and Nocturne has spread such a rumor that I have to go to the old mans office. I waited out side the Generals office for what seems like hours and was finally let in, I stood at attention and snapped a crisp salute. The General returned the salute and then began to explain that Nocturne has pressed charges against me for treason and cowardice and that I am confined to the tower and its grounds till a formal court martial is held. I was also instructed to report to Field Marshal Sandavol for he will represent me in the trial. No one talked to me except for Lothar and Doc Chronus and I stayed away from Nocturne so I would not rip his head off before the trial. Sandavol was very optimistic about it all and told me not to worry but I could not help myself.
The Trial was held in the Societies tower deep with in the Compassion Desert. It seemed everyone was there and I was nervous as one can be but Sandavol was calm as can be and confident. Nocturne made his case against me and produced a witness and then I told mine. Sandavol then spoke picking Nocturnes absurd claims apart and then his witnesses statements as well. Nocturne began arguing with Sandavol right in the middle of the trial trying to debate every word he said. The General slammed the iron rose on the table and it damn near bounced all the way across it he had enough of the bickering and accusations with out proof and told everyone to sit. He made his decision right there and passed it down, I was innocent of treason but he thought the charge of cowardice was just and I was demerited and loss of one rank. I wasn’t to happy with that charge sticking but Sandavol assured me that in time I will prove them all wrong and will regain my stripes. And he was right with in two weeks I was made First Sergeant of the Warders and charged with capturing the so called witch and bringing the Society mages a small flask of her blood.
Lothar and Doc Chronus decided to help me with this task and escorted me to where this Coven of witches resided. As we approached a brick home everything seemed deserted and all was quiet. Lothar came up with a planed to wait for her to come out of the house and the mages will circle around her and paralyze her then I could walk up and get the blood. It seemed like an hour had passed until she finally walked out side and we sprang into action , the first round of spells didn’t take effect as planned and she retaliated with a few of her own and began to run . I quickly took off in her direction as did Lothar and Doc, she was swift and nimble but we finally managed to catch her. She wasn’t too pleased when I walked up to her she was screaming and swearing at me and I quickly told the others to stand watch in case some one came. I pulled a dagger from my belt and approached I could see fear in her eyes, I told her to relax and that I would not hurt her except for a small prick of my knife. She was in shock and very pissed off with me asking how I could do such a thing after all she has done for me. She explained how she was wanted by her own people for aiding me. I placed the full flask of blood in a pouch and explained that I had to do this and then I gave her a kiss and said I was sorry. The spell wore off just at that moment and she smacked me across the face and had a few other choice words for me. I felt bad and decided I could not leave a lady who helped me by leaving her to such a demise, I told her to wait here for me so I could send the others back which I did. I returned and to my surprise she was still there and in tears, I began to feel worse when I saw her like this. So I took her to my home and promised to hide her there and to protect her with my life if need be. She stayed with me for about two months until a message some how made its way to her that she was forgiven and could return. I didn’t want her to leave in fact I have grown quite found her but I knew in my heart that I had to let her go. I kissed her good bye and told her to call on me if she need any help and not to hesitate to do so if need be. Sometimes I wonder if I did the right thing


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