Kenyons Journal……….. Changes and Beauty continued.
September, 2003
Kenyons Journal……….. Changes and Beauty continued.

The world was changing quickly the trees lost their leaves and began to die the grass turned brown and weeds grew up in its place, it seems Sosaria is dying. The cities of Britannia are under siege and being over run with horrid beasts and pestilence. In Northwood the conditions were the same and getting worse by the day the orcs and undead hordes continued their attacks and it seemed all would be lost in a matter of months. The Shadunes hired us to help protect their lands a bit south of our tower from the raids but I only see one Shadune whom I became friends with a Torinor Zeguire, he is a good man to have at ones side during a fight. Torinor and I defending Northwoods together valiantly against great odds and yet to no avail Sosaria and Northwood were doomed from the beginning.
I have seen her numerous times with the enemy her beauty still mesmerizing and alluring, I tried plenty of times to get close yet she always got away giggling as she did, as to taunt me into following her. As always there was Lothar and Doc Chronus to keep me from giving chase usually with a smack to the back of the helm followed by the usual “ Don’t be a fool lad!” or “ If you do you won`t come back!” I just stood there watching and listening to her laughter carry on the wind.
One night in Northwood most of the men were out, I believe on a raid of our own. I was only one of three men in the tower that night when I heard what seemed like laughter coming from out side. I stepped outside and heard it again, it seemed to come from my left I turned and looked. I caught a glimpse what seemed to be a female with a flowing long dress and long blonde silvery hair turn the corner. I thought to myself this is it, this time I am going to catch her and no one is here to stop me. Needless to say I was wrong everything hit me at once a war hammer came crashing down followed by a blast from a powerful spell. I barely made it to the tower doors when Nocturne pulled me inside, we tried to bar the doors but were late and they came crashing in on us knocking us back. We all fought bravely but were terribly out numbered by mages and I seen Nocturne and I believe Carnifex fall. I raised my sword to make my final stand and to fall besides my Brothers, she made her way to the front and yelled for her people to stop.” This one comes with us “ she said and one of the mages cast a spell on me and I couldn’t move a muscle. I was quickly disarmed and a portal opened and I was pushed through. When the dizziness wore off I was face to face with a man with bright reddish hair and freckles with a straw hat, the others came through and so did she and went to his side and looked at me. “ Lets see what he is made of!” the man exclaimed. There was a roar of laughter and cheers and I was shoved down a stair well and came to a thud at the bottom “ here you will need this!” and with a clang my sword landed a few feet from me. The room was dark and I took awhile for my eyes to adjust, there was something down here with me and it wasn’t human. It lurked in the shadows just out of sight. I quickly grabbed my sword and stood ready for battle. It leapt from the shadows, it was huge bigger than any beast I have seen with wings and horns carrying a huge sword. The beast swung its huge sword at me and I quickly ducked it repeated this a few more time before it started to cast spells at me. I tried my best but the beast was too much and I fell and everything was quiet and still there was no pain, not a thing I could feel or remember. When I awoke I was back atop of the stair well once again in front of this evil man “ That was to quick!” he said to his followers and he shoved me back down the stairwell once again to face the beast needless to say with the same results. This cruel act was repeated over and over until I could not tell what was real and what wasn’t anymore till finally everything went black.
I finally awoke and when I could focus my eyes I could see her face above me cleansing my wounds. I went to say something but she placed a finger over my mouth “Shhh” she said quietly. “ Rest now, I will get you out of here when he isn`t around here “ she said with a smile and leaned over and gently kissed my forehead.
I was finally awakened but not by her but by another woman she told me to follow her and to stay quiet which I did. She led me out of a home and into the woods and opened a portal “ Quickly go!” she exclaimed. “ Before they get back!” I quickly hopped into the portal and was back in Northwood. I followed the path through the woods back towards our tower everyone was about doing what ever it was that they do. I came to the doors and walked in and noticed Nocturne and Carnifex were standing there and in good health. Nocturne gave me a look and then stood in front of me “ Oh the Traitor is back !”


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