Kenyons Journal ……The Begining.
September, 2003
Kenyons Journal ……The Begining.

I should have started this along time ago but I was always busy or had something more exciting to do . I was a young lad in the streets of Britian living off of what I can find or steal .The streets were always a rough place and the city guards had trouble keeping the rat men and lizard men out of the city . One day near the bank I seen a man carrying what seemed to be a very heavy coin pouch . He was an older man with some greying hair wearing a black wizards hat and a black cloak as well . I waited for the right moment to make my move and sprang into action , as I grabbed the pouch the man turned and stared straight into my eyes “ You aren`t going to do what I think you are ? are you lad ? “ the man said with a bit of sarcasim .
I looked up at the man and smiled a bit “ why no sir , I just tripped “ the man smirked and quickly pulled a dagger from his belt and pointed the business end of the dagger at my belly about an inch away . “ Tell me why I should gut you , like I would any other thief ?” he said with a very serious look in his eyes . I gulped and quickly gathered what courage I could find and spoke with a slight crack in my voice “ Thief , I am not a thief sir , just trying to survive “ “ then get a job” was his reply “ an honest one at that “ and then he sheathed his dagger . There was a strange moment of silence and then some one leaned over to the man and whispered into his ear , this man also wore a black cloak and cap .” I`ll tell you what lad “ the older man said quietly “ Follow us if you want a better life than a street thug one that pays well and is atleast an honest living “ I followed them into a alley way they stopped and the older man opened a portal and headed in .The other man gave me a look and so I stepped into the portal willing to take a chance at a new beginning.
I opened my eyes to see green fields and woods the place was beautiful “ this is Northwood” they told me “ home of the Black Rose Society .” “ Never heard of this Society “ I replied quietly . I followed the two men into the woods on a small path we walked for several minutes till I could barely see a clearing a head no one said a word as we came into the clearing I could see on the other side a large stone tower . The men stopped and the old man said “ I am Gideon Wisdom of the Black Rose Society , we are a group of mercenaries we get paid well , fed well, and there is always plenty of ale and wenches about “ he said looking at me . “ look at me lad when I am speaking to you “ he barked “ I am taken you to see the General Debinani Rahl , he will decide to take you in or to toss you back to the streets of Britian .” Gideon led me into the tower and then up a dark stairwell for a few flights of stairs and then down a hallway which wasn’t much brighter and we stopped at a set of doors. He knocked and then waited for a few moments and the doors opened. Another man lead us in and we stood in front of a desk with a man behind it busy with quill and parchment .The man behind the desk seemed to be about thirty with dark hair he didn’t look like a mercenary to me. He looked up from his papers at Gideon and then at me , Gideon spoke quickly explaining everything to the man behind the desk whom I quickly learned was the General . He looked at me once again and paused then grabbed a piece of parchment and scribbled something on to it and handed it to Gideon .” Take that to the lieutenant and get this man cleaned and in uniform “ the general said and went back to his paper work. Gideon snapped a salute and asked me to follow him.
My uniform fit nicely I walked out into the hall and Gideon said” hurry up the Lt. is waiting.” I followed behind him and out of the tower and onto the field in front of the tower others were gathering aswell making a straight line. Gideon placed me where I was to stand “ don’t move and do as your told “ he said to me. I heard some yell “ Attention!” and everyone got quiet and stood a bit straighter and I just followed suit. A man spoke his voice was soft yet firm he introduced himself to us new recruits as Lieutenant Saben Evans. The Lieutenant welcomed us and then told us our training will begin right after this formation.Training was hard and rigorous and there was a lot of it and a lot to learn as well , I seemed to be catching on quickly and made a few friends as well some new recruits like myself Nocturne and the two brothers Carnifax and Geminus . As I laid on my bunk in the barracks I wondered what adventure and fortunes awaited me in the future and if I would even last long enough here in this Society to have a futue.


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