Kenyons Journal…… The Last Rose.
September, 2003
Kenyons Journal…… The Last Rose.

As you are exploring the Northwoods of Britannia, you come to a clearing and in the clearing you can see houses and mighty towers now covered in ivy and overgrown weeds. Where the green grass once grew is now stained in blood and rotting corpses from previous battles. You walk along a path till you come to a tower and you look up at the sign hanging by one hinge, it reads The Black Rose Society. You walk up the cobble stone steps to a pair of sturdy iron doors, they squeak a little as you open them. Inside is dark and cold except for a flickering candlelight coming from a corner in the main hall. You notice a figure sitting at a table, the figure looks up at you then motions you closer to the table. As you get closer you see a man with long blonde hair with blue eyes, and a face that has been aged before its time .He motions to you with one arm for help to get up. You reach for his arm and help him to his feet and with out a word of thanks or even a simple nod the man straightens out his tattered uniform and dusts of his stripes and a medal. He then grabs a black cloak and shakes it out and a black hat with what looks like a burnt harpy feather sticking out from it. Along side the table are a huge shield with many dents and a sword in a scabbard , he reaches for these then walks to a door , he opens it and whistles . You here a horse whinny and then the clomping of its hoofs on the cobble stone floor. The man leads the horse out through the front , you cant help but to follow him out .As your eyes adjust to the sunlight the man is searching for something in a small pouch, he pulls out a green stone and places it on the ground and steps back and mounts his horse .just as he mounts his horse there is a loud noise and bright lights swirling about .The man looks around as if for one last time you notice a tear running down his cheek . With a deep breathe he wipes the single tear from his cheek and motions to the sign on the tower, he says “Remember that name and this uniform for we will be back, back with a vengeance this I swear to the gods.” And with that said he rides his mount through the lights and is gone .As the lights disappear, on the ground where they were at, lays a single black rose.


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