Kenyons Journals………… changes and beauty
September, 2003
Kenyons Journals………… changes and beauty

The winds whispered of changes in Northwood , it grew colder and darker and the orc and undead raids have grew as well, they came almost everyday . Lothar a Society mage told me that a great change is about to take place in the world and that we should brace ourselfs for it. I had no idea what he was talking about then. A runner burst through the tower doors “ here they come again!” he exclaimed.Everyone braced themselves and I was put in front of the doors with Nocturne to my left , we held up huge heater shields in front of us so we could push the invaders out of the tower and in my other hand a broadsword which I used to hack away at whom ever was in front of me .Archers were behind us and the mages behind them at the bar which was across from the doors Lothar and Doc Chronous sat behind it pouring shots of brandy while they waited , only mages could get away with something like that in those days . Then it came, a loud roar and clanging from the other side of the doors it lasted for a few minutes then it went quiet. Nocturne said “ how about take`n a peek out side Ken?” then he chuckled some what, I just looked at him and smirked knowing all to well that they were still out side. A loud thud against the steel doors broke the silence and it continued and the doors seemed to be holding. Then they broke from their hinges and fell aside then the orcs poured into our wall of shields I just started to swing my sword over head hoping it would land blows which it did many times. The orcs finally pulled back and I was able to look out over my shield and see the carnage before us dead orcs laid on the steps and about twenty paces out side stood more of them along with hideous undead creatures. A spell was cast from behind us and I felt a tingle over my body and there was bright lights circling about Nocturne and myself “ That should help you two some “ Lothar said from behind us. Then it all happened so fast I had time to see a fireball coming straight towards me and all I heard was “stand fast, hold the line!” They came over and over spells from outside the tower our own mages continued to cast their protective spells on us. I thought this would go on forever but then the order came from the back I believe the Lieutenant gave it , the order was to charge out into the enemies formation and to attack the mages. Nocturne gave me a crazed look and ran out and I followed suit. Hacking and slashing my way through undead warriors and orcs I made my way to the rear of what was left of their formation. I looked up and there she was, I was stunned by her beauty and stopped in my tracks all I could do was stare. Her long blonde hair flowed in the wind and she tried to gain control over her mount. She gained control of the mount and turned my way our eyes met for a moment and she smiled and a portal opened behind her and the enemy began to run through those who did not run were finished off quickly by my brothers. I was still amazed and Lothar touched my shoulder from behind “ don’t let her beauty fool you lad , she is just as evil as the company she keeps, a witch she is .” “ Now lets get this placed cleaned up and our wounded tended to.” Lothar said. A few days later a few of us were rewarded with a Society Victory Star and I was promoted to Sergeant of the Warders, seems our old Sergeant didn’t make it through the last attack and I was next in line for the job. I still wondered about the woman I saw that day on the battle field and had a feeling this wouldn’t be the last I saw of her.


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