Khevoran 1 Roster
Khevoran 1 Roster
Christian I. “Debinani” Holston – Designer, DM
ICQ: 2668894

Chris has been playing in and running games since before he liked girls.
Everyone’s hoping he’s gotten better since then.

Chris “Anmoch” Leippi- Designer, Co-DM
ICQ: 6631221

Been killing players in well run D&D campaigns since 1989. WHAT? Just kidding!

The Hapless Sods…Er…Players (In order of Fate Points)
Fate Player Name Character Name Race Class ICQ Email
6 Kristian (Mayvik) Peruppi Dentkettle Halfling Paladin (Aluviel) 6425064
6 Akaz Aradore Amore Halfling Rogue N/A
4 John (Del) Lan Zolaris Human Fighter 53826239
2 Christian (Saben) Raphael Sanchez Human Druid 36060291
2 James (Geminus) Linus Wetton Human Cleric 38810575
2 Eric (Krad) Sachin Human Monk 3222244
2 Jean-Philippe (Theron) Voghan Vinnersnaye Gnome Mage 11337355
1 Rich (Kenyon) Laucian Amastacia Elf Fighter/Mage 47520315
Waiting List
Waiting List
1 Cory & Lori Leedja Grazon Human Barbarian 38001349


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