Khevoran 2 Roster
Khevoran 2 Roster

Khevoran 2 Players List

Fate Player Character Race Career Path
4 Jen Poppy Sockledodge Halfling Bounty Hunter->Targeteer->Assassin->Warder
5 Jas Gronk Dwarf Troll-Slayer-> Giant-Slayer-> Demon Slayer
3 Lee Banagher Human Scribe->Initiate->Priest->Anointed->High Priest of Aluviel
2 Kristian Vladimir Korgramssen Human Northlands Kossar->Veteran->Targeteer->Warder
3 Veth Alton Human Soldier->Targeteer->Sniper->Sergeant->Captain
1 Youri Diego Vasquez Human Penshinite Diestro->Duelist->Champion
1 Pat Moriel Celebhen Elf Outrider->Scout->Ghost Strider->Etu’Sauri Apprentice



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