Khevoran 3 Session Notes – 1 September 2018
Khevoran 3 Session Notes – 1 September 2018

1 Desnus – 7 Desnus, 44 NC

The party cautiously approaches Muerdetta’s camp and sends Ralben and Nimue in first to prevent bloodshed.  When first confronted, Jacob notes that Muerdetta is holding an Elven magic wand that had been secured at the College Arcanum that provides the bearer with extreme power.  Jacob also notes that Mengst is wearing two, not one, rings of power around his neck, as well as detecting a smattering of other magical artifacts in the party’s gear.  After defusing the situation, the two parties combine camps.  Several details emerge from the ensuing conversations:

  • Muerdetta’s plan was to use the knowledge in Ralben’s tome to operate the Waygate and send Mengst through to a completely new location with the rings, then disable the gate permanently, effectively fulfilling her oath to rid Khevoran of the Kisharan presence.
  • The second ring in Mengst’s possession is the Ring of Air.  They state that Poppy Sockeldodge retrieved it from The Whisper, but provided no additional explanation.
  • Muerdetta and the team with her are aware of the secret that Ralben has wished to remain hidden all this time.
  • Ralben made Muerdetta aware that she could likely transport three people through the gate instead of just one.
  • The party, including General Vane and whatever forces he could muster, were to be the backup plan to act as a second hammer against the anvil of the Ringwielder of Fire in case Muerdetta and Mengst were to fail.
  • It was confirmed that Poppy, Moriel Celebhen, and Thane Ironfist are all in on the plan, however the truth of the Waygate has been kept from Thane for obvious reasons.
  • Muerdetta insists that there are at least two Kisharan Avengers guarding the fort at the top of the mountain.  All of the Avengers were presumed dead after The Breaking.
  • When asked about Cyan Marinetta’s desire to “retire”, Delayne states that it has been considered in the plan.
  • Jacob recognizes the magical gear as an ancient artifact designed to produce a magical net through which certain types of force can’t pass.  When he asks Delayne if she’s sure it works, she responds “Well, we know it works on one of them….”
  • During the same private conversation, Delayne asks Jacob to find a way to prevent Vane from going on the raid with them.  She is assuming the mission is suicide for anyone not going through the Waygate, and she was hoping to position Vane to rule once the Kisharan influence was gone.

Several days pass, during which units of the Black Rose Society begin to arrive, including one led by Moriel Celebhen.  When the majority of the forces have gathered, the Society, a mere 1500 soldiers strong, marches in force to besiege the Waygate.



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