More Information Surfaces After Tyrol II Incident
January, 2021
More Information Surfaces After Tyrol II Incident

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15 November, 2950

We’re continuing to learn more about the battle that erupted between two private military companies over Tyrol II last month.  Our sources have confirmed that Cirrus Expeditions, a small xenoarchaeology subsidiary of ArcCorp, hired Black Rose Security to intervene in what Cirrus calls an “internal employee dispute” at a small dig site in Tyrol.  Two weeks later, Cirrus dispatched a second unit, this time from The Free Corps, with orders to eliminate the Black Rose force and secure the base.

According to our sources, Black Rose violated orders from Cirrus’ management to lock down the facility and instead provided escort for the evacuation of the civilian science team.  The Free Corps units intercepted the convoy in orbit and opened fire on the transports.  The Black Rose units mounted a fierce defense against a numerically superior foe, sometimes physically putting their ships in the line of fire between the Free Corps and the transports.

Spotters from Lanisto report over a hundred small and medium ships destroyed, along with an extensive loss of life.  Our analysts believe that Black Rose – already a boutique firm – has lost over 90% of their operating assets in the conflict.  The Black Rose CEO, retired UEE Marine Colonel Debinani Rahl, has not been available for comment, though we are told he survived the battle.

The science team is now under the protection of the UEE Navy after the Black Rose survivors delivered them to Hephaestus Station in Helios  The Navy has since declared the Cirrus facility and the site of the battle a no-fly zone and opened a classified investigation.  The Navy, Cirrus Expeditions, and the Free Corps have repeatedly refused to comment.  Our embedded reporter at Hephaestus managed to get a brief word from Caleb Starnes, one of the research heads from the Tyrol II facility:

“Cirrus sent them to kill us.  But they saved us.  You tell everyone…they saved us.”



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