NWN Journal Mirror
NWN Journal Mirror

As Journals are discovered within the campaign, they will be mirrored here so people can keep up with what they’ve done.

Module 1 – The Cult of Riverton

The letter arrives via private runner who does not know who it is from or from whence it came.  The runner was simply instructed to find a person matching your description at the specific time and place in which you were found.  The letter itself is of a medium-grade parchment, sealed with wax but bearing no stamp.  The ink used seems to be fairly commonplace.

Dear Friend,

            You do not know me, and I do not know you, but trust that this missive comes to you in times most dire and with unparalleled need.  It has become clear to me that you have been chosen, though why that may be is not my place to fathom.  Regardless, I urge you to make all haste to Riverton, where five miles due southwest of where the western fork of the Southlands River leaves the isle of Riverton you shall find my home.  I dare not speak my need aloud, but trust it is most dire, and forces have aligned to see to it that you, my new friend, may aid.

Sincerest Regards-

Jakob Dain

  • Dain’s Need
    • I have received a letter from Jakob Dain that has led me to a small cottage on the outskirts of the city of Riverton. He says in his letter that I have been “called” – but by whom he does not specify. His need sounds dire.
    • Jakob Dain has tasked me with entering the city of Riverton through the sewers to find Willie Melvar before he’s transferred out of the city for interrogation. He doesn’t know where Melvar is being held, or if he’s even alive.
    • Shara Tev says that Melvar wasn’t being very discreet about his inquiries. She suggests someone named Harfur might know more about what happened to him.
    • Harfur does indeed know what happened to Melvar – he was arrested by the Peacekeepers for poking his nose in the wrong places. He’s currently being held in the North Riverwall Jail pending transfer to Tablenhelm Keep where he’ll undoubtedly be tortured, interrogated, and killed.
  • Harfur’s War
    • A strange Halfling in the tunnels was guarding a door. He wouldn’t let me pass without a password. He said something about Miss Shara or Master Harfur not wanting me in….
    • As it turns out, Harfur Stoutfoot is a freedom fighter currently residing in Riverton – assumedly in the tunnels. It would behoove me to arrange a meeting.
    • Shara says that I can’t get in to see Harfur until I take care of some dirty work for them – apparanlty they won’t trust me until we spill some blood for the cause.
    • I’ve received the password to Harfur’s War, and must now go there to deliver Keefer’s Key and find out about Melvar.
    • Harfur is willing to help us find Melvar, and in doing so, he has a plan to liberate Riverton of the Kisharan presence completely. Crazy-assed Halfling. He’s tasked us with neutralizing some government officials while his people work on the populace.
    • Harfur’s endgame is upon us. We must act quickly. As members of the Merchant’s Council are vanishing or dead, we must clear the Kisharan priests and the Peacekeeper company before word can get out of the city. Harfur is deploying his troops to barricade the docks and city gates, but we’re responsible for cleaning out the city interior. We must eliminate all of the city’s Peacekeepers and Priests. To accomplish this goal, Harfur has given us a key to the Kisharan Temple in the Merchant’s District, and from there we hope to gain access to the North Riverwall, probably through the sewers. Riverton has become a war zone.
  • Joseph Phanan
    • Harfur has tasked me with *neutralizing* Joseph Phanan, the representative to the Merchant’s Council from the High Order of Legalists in Teribain. Harfur thinks he can convince the man to join the cause – or at least keep his mouth shut about it, so we’re not to kill him unless it becomes absolutely necessary. His manse is in the Merchant District.
    • Phanan has agreed to stay quiet until he has a chance to speak with Harfur.
  • Keefer’s Key
    • Daniel Keefer has a ship in the Riverton harbor delivering supplies to the Peacekeeper barracks here. Shara requires that we get a key he’s supposed to have that unlocks the southern half of the Riverwall. It seems Harfur will find this item useful.
    • I’ve secured Keefer’s All-Access key and have been tasked with delivering the key to Harfur.
    • Harfur has accepted the key and has let me into his confidence.
  • Teribor Snee
    • My first task in Harfur’s grand plan is to bring Merchant Councilman Teribor Snee over to our side. Harfur things that the man’s friendship with Shara and decent nature will bring him over without a fight.
    • I’ve spoken to Snee, and he needs some reassurances from Shara that he’s not getting himself into something suicidal.
    • Shara’s informed me that she will meet with Snee in the morning, and to return to him and let him know.
    • After rescuing Snee from the Peacekeepers threatening to arrest him for treason, Snee’s had no choice but to join our cause.
  • The Cult of Riverton
    • After finding some damning documents at Avanti Trading, Shara intimated that the politics of Riverton are not what they seem. She and Harfur have suspected that the city is being run by some secretive Cult.
    • Harfur has decided it’s high-time to take out the Cult itself. He suspects that some of the members are meeting in the Moneylender’s Guildhall, and we should go teach them the error of their ways.
    • The Cult of the Demon Tan’Arle’Kin has been neutralized, but the demon itself escaped to parts unknown.
  • The Kisharans
  • They Got Fritz!
    • As part of our duties to get in to see Harfur, Shara has asked us to kill Councilmember Fritz Avanti. He’s threatening to expose Shara and Harfur and is a clear threat to the resistence movement. She’s not sure how we’re supposed to get into his compound to do the killing, but she’s sure we’ll “figure something out”.
    • I’ve found a man named Morton Lenz who was recently fired from Avanti Trading. He still has his key to the front gate. He’ll give it to us if we can get him a job with a trader or simply pay him a sum of two-thousand gold. I suppose we could just lift the thing from him as well.
    • We invaded the Avanti Compound only to find that Fritz Avanti wasn’t home. This does not bode well.
    • I’ve found a letter from Sylus Artul to Fritz Avanti – it seems they’re conspiring against Shara and have considerable pull with the Mayor.
  • Undermountain Hop
    • When invading the Avanti compound, I discovered a letter from Dorin Oakenfist of Undermountain Goods. It seems the rumors are correct, and he really is getting goods from the Masaan Mountains somehow. This is terribly intriguing since no one has heard from the mountains in centuries.
    • I’ve convinced Dorin Oakenfist to hire me to guard the receipt of his next shipment. I’m to meet his quartermaster at the Undermountain Goods compound as soon as I’m able.
    • It’s become apparant that Oakenfist isn’t getting his goods fromt he Dwarves, but from the Druegar and Orcs that are now inhabiting the Masaan. This Dwarf is scum even compared to the Kisharans. Might be worthwhile to raid his warehouse and gather evidence against him.
    • When raiding Undermountain Goods I discovered Oakenfist’s Ledger. This ledger contains a history of transactions, detailing shipments from a clan of Druegar Dwarves in Karak Fel, through Misthaven, and into Riverton for Oakenfist to trade with the people of the Southlands. This is disturbing for a number of reasons – not only is Oakenfist a betrayer of his people, but the fact that there’s a Druegar clan in the Dwarven tradehall of Karak Fel is in and of itself, an alarming revelation. I wonder if Peacekeeper Captain Thames would be interested in this….
    • When presented with the evidence, Captain Thames has put a price on the head of Oakenfist and strongly urged us to collect on it.
    • I’ve traded in the head of Oakenfist for a comfortable reward.


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