Pages from Flint’s Journal, pt. 3 (Dark Prophecy fiction)
August, 2002
Pages from Flint’s Journal, pt. 3 (Dark Prophecy fiction)



It’s been a few days since I’ve written in here. The contract’s kept me fairly busy, and family matters fill what small breaks I’ve had.

The contract itself is in jeopardy. Actually, it’s probably just null and void now, I don’t know. I found a shrine dedicated to the Harrower, a legend only whispered of in the tombs of Khaldun. It’s a horror beyond comprehension, most say. The very tentacles that emerge from the vortex in Khaldun are enough of a threat to the soul of any who dare venture there.

It appears Thorne had us gathering the champions’ skull to summon the Harrower. Five out of the six pedestals have skulls upon them, and only Lord Oaks’ head is needed to complete the set. Anubis has ordered us to get the final skull, and use it as leverage against Thorne. Personally, I’m more concerned with just keeping it out of the hands of any that might try to summon the Harrower.

We have very little time. Many people hunt Oaks already, and who knows if Thorne will gather more. Anmoch suggested that perhaps we were contracted to keep the prophecy from coming to pass. If that’s so though, why go after so many skulls when only holding one should be enough.

I still don’t understand the fact that Barracoon’s skull was at the shrine, and also in our possession. I can only hope that we have the genuine article, but that seems a frail hope indeed.

Everything’s changed so quickly. We’ve been betrayed by our employer, finding ourselves to merely be paid puppets for Alexander Thorne’s dark agenda.

I need to get the Nighthawk trials’ done with, but matters at hand take priority. Hopefully, we’ll put a stop to this prophecy before it can come true.

On other matters, one month remains starting today for the new “Captain” to prove himself. Frankly, I think the month is pointless. He’ll be a shining example of an officer for a few weeks, I’m sure, then we’ll be back to the same old thing.

I think many people are going to abstain, not wishing to give an opinion one way or another. Unfortunately, abstaining works to McBain’s favor, and I’m sure he knows it.

It will be an interesting chess game. A rook against a knight. He has more power, but even the strongest rook can be trapped by a few well placed pieces and a maneuverable knight. I just hope the pieces show when the time comes. So far I know that among those who will vote no confidence likely inclu


Thomas Flint paused in the writing of his journal as a noise in the usual dead quiet of late night jostled him from his reports and rants. Everyone else was at the Kinship proper, patrolling, or elsewhere tending to their own personal matters.

He sat alone as the only sentinel of the Felucca headquarters for the moment.

“Probably that damned orc again,” he muttered as he placed his helm on, readying his axe as he stood from his seat in the main chamber.

Before he could take two steps towards the doors, they flew open, a symphony of snarls and ungodly sounds pouring into the main room.

It was the beginning of a nightmare the Sergeant of the Nighthawks would not wake from all too quickly.



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