Quest for the Relic (brief report) – Saben Evans
December, 1999
Quest for the Relic (brief report) – Saben Evans

The Royal army have struck again and killed of another
informant (the last lead actully). Anyhow, before they
killed him they got to know that the last part of the relic
might have been stolen by pirates and hence hid away at an
island. Evin Ghlade and I borrowed a boat from Xavier
Sterling to set sail there. I also brought a few men to
tackle potential hassards.
We first gated to the Compassion shrine and walked to the
coast where the boat was produced. The trip was quite
adventurous considering our limited knowledge of sea
travell, and had it not been for 1st Private Kain we would
probably have drowned. We finnaly found the island and
searched it throghly but to no avail, the relic wasnt there.

After a quick gate back to Northwood and some small talk
Evin mentioned there was one swamp that hadn’t been
searched for the Lizzarmen yet. Another gate later we
arrived near Destard and searched the swamplands, and again
it was unfruitfull and we returned back to Northwood.

Even if the trips themselfs were without result I have to
give cudous to the men, I must say that the discipline is
picking up fast. While other runs as chickens without
heads, the roses is in the center, on a straght line and

Lt. Saben Evans


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