Private Entities

June 26, 2022

Independent Trade Consortium (ITC)

ITC is a staggeringly successful private cooperative of independent ship owner/operators and small mercantile firms in The Reach.  They have used their bargaining power to negotiate preferential rates at starports in both Council and Jericho space, and provide services for their members in every port of call worthy of the name.  The consortium is run by an elected council of representatives nominated and voted on by the membership and has a great deal of influence on the Miner’s Seat of the Whistler Council.  ITC membership is in the tens of thousands.

  • Charity Cartwright – owner/operator of ITC My Eyes Are Up Here, Asshole a custom megafreightersister to Aiden Harlan and Jack Cartwright’s first wife.
  • Otto Whelan – Deceased – owner/operator of ITC A Series of Unlikely Explanations, a Kerry Series 5 light transport – sub-contracted to IBI while gathering parts for San Orestes.  Killed over Demeter.
  • John Harrington – operator – ITC Xiwangmu’s Moist Peach, A Beowulf 2 free trader owned by Dirk Yang.

Allied Advanced Intelligences, Inc. (AAI)

Founded on Demeter by Basil Chen and Florence Abinde in wy585, AAI has pioneered artificial general intelligences.  Now on their second-generation product, they produced Calliope, an AI procured by IBI.

    • Basil ChenDeceased.  CEO of AAI. Killed by Tomoe Gozen after she discovered he’d been attempting to kill her her entire adult life.
    • Becca SandersDeceased.  Basil’s admin.  Killed by Roger Daniels in a plot by Nadine Chen.
    • Nadine Chen – Basil’s wife and CFO of AAI.  Currently under investigation for funding terrorism in Council space.
    • Florence Abinde – AAI CTO and head of product, a Sagan-prize winning AI researcher.  
    • Skylar AlbertsonDeceased.  AAI CMO and Head of Sales.  Killed by Felix Hoffman, a deranged anti-AI activist.