Whistler Defense Force

Initially formed as peacekeepers and re-chartered as a traditional military in 280 during the Demeter War, the WDF secures The Reach from enemies foreign and domestic.
June 22, 2022


The WDF is composed of two branches: Navy and Marines and are chartered with the defense of the Whistler Colonies.  They patrol the spacelanes and partner with a semi-private entity operating under the name Guardian for near-orbit and planetary customs enforcement and search & rescue.  Their jurisdiction ends once on the ground (or aboard a registered space station or outpost) and hands over to local law enforcement or the Colonial Marshall service.

The Unification Wars geenrated significant pressure to create a standing Army as rogue colonies were occupied for longer terms, but the Council continues to press the Marines into this service.

Dramatis Personae

  • Fleet Admiral Komiko Halsey – supreme commander of the WDF.
  • Cmdr. Michael “Mick” O’Connor – Deceased.  Chief Engineer of Indomitable.  Discovered the final resting place of WDF San Orestes.  Died at the Battle of Grove.

Dramatis Navis

  • WDF Indomitable, Poseidon-Class Assault Cruiser – Jack Cartwright’s command.  Destroyed in the Battle of Grove in 590 when Cartwright ordered his crew to ram Grove Orbital and the Cheyenne Drive Yards.
  • WDF Dauntless, Athena-Class Destroyer – the naval vessel suspected to have attacked the crew of the IBI Your Mother Was A Hamster over Crighton.
  • WDF Endeavor, Munroe-Class Light Destroyer – naval vessel sent by Admiral Halsey’s office to retrieve the Hamster crew from Myrr.
  • WDF San Orestes – Murphy-Class Patrol Destroyer.  Lost to a mis-dive after the Battle of Yang, location later discovered by Mick O’Connor.
  • WDF FidelitySystem patrol craft assigned to the Demeter picket.  Destroyed ITC A Series of Unlikely Explanations without provocation.
  • WDF Damocles – The first Damocles-class Dreadnought under construction by the WDF at the Phoenix Propulsion Labs navy yards over Whistler.

Guardian Services, Ltd.

Guardian is a semi-private company spun off from the WDF in 425 to provide orbital Search & Rescue and interdiction.  They exist in the legal boundary between the WDF and local law enforcement with funding from the Council to support a small navy. 

Dramatis Personae

  • Rear Admiral Jacob Doughtery – CO of Guardian operations in Roberts.
  • Colonel Daniel Feldman – CO of Guardian operations in the Chrighton planetary system, based on Myrr.
  • Lieutenant Henry Blackmoon – Rescue pilot who disobeyed orders to come to the aid of the Hamster crew.  Later court martialled.
  • Master Chief Petty Officer Charles Scoville – Rescue crew who disobeyed orders to come to the aid of the Hamster crew.  Later court martialled.

Dramatis Navis

  • GAV-337 “Swamp Chicken” – a Maxim AV-39c “Lancer” Multi-Role Assault Vehicle supporting the Guardian garrison on Myrr.