The Aluvian Cycle – Debinani Rahl
July, 1999
The Aluvian Cycle – Debinani Rahl

–==Official Submission==–
FROM: General Debinani Rahl
RE: The Aluvian Cycle

The Aluvian Cycle


Long, long ago, in a world not entirely unlike our own,
there was woman named Kishara, and she was a conqueror. She
was known as one of the mightiest sorceresses who had ever
lived, and she used her power to rain death upon any who
would oppose her.

As with all things, her reign eventually came to an end
when a group of powerful wizards led by the Master Arogho
banded together and captured the evil woman. As their
powers were insufficient to destroy her, the group chose to
banish Kishara to a prison of their making. And thus,
Tablenhelm was formed.

The mages created an island floating in the vast ether
between the worlds and on it they built the Spire. In the
top of the spire they chained Kishara to a throne enchanted
with the mightiest of dweomers. The throne made Kishara
sleep, and sleep she did.

Master Arogho never thought that Kishara would dream.

From her dream, Kishara led her finest Warlord and sometime
lover, Torellian Tahl-Mearis to the shores of Tablenhelm,
and bade him forge five rings. And forge them he did. The
Rings were enchanted by Kishara through Tahl-Mearis and
they were powerful and dreadful things. The rings were
given to Her five closest confidants, and thus the Five
Ringbearers were born.

Through dream, Kishara bade her five Warlords to build
armies, and make Tablenhelm their home. And the
Ringwielders brought armies, and opened the Ways to other
worlds as to facilitate Kishara’s dark purposes.

Tahl-Mearis, now the dreaded Ringwielder of Spirit, went
back to his world and captured Master Arogho to force him
to release his Mistress. After years of tortures more
terrible than can be imagined, Arogho finally broke and
revealed the Great Prophesy, which detailed the sacrifice
of a million innocent souls to break Kishara’s bonds. These
Prophesies became known as the Kisharan Prophesy.

And thus it began. The Five Armies of Tablenhelm for
thousands of years have marched across the planes,
sacrificing the innocent so their mistress may one day
become free and bring on the Year of Destruction.


Ages of Kishara’s slaughter came and went before she turned
her baleful eye to our world; but when she did, the
children wept.

Aluviel, Goddess of Justice, looked upon her children with
dismay, for as they warred like men do, they were not
brutal, holy killers like the Five Armies and their
terrible leaders. So Aluviel in her Grace acted upon her
fears, and to the Curse of Arogho added one more soul to
the Tally, and this soul would be known as the Chosen One.
Within the womb of a farmer’s wife in the Aluvian Holy City
of Harrowburg, the Great Aluviel found a child who would
grow to be a leader of men, and She touched the infant’s
soul with her divine grace and filled him with Holy Purpose
and Divine Vigilance so that he and all of his line
thereafter would have the power and the dedication to lay
waste to Kishara’s juggernaut.

Thus, Kironius Mengst came into the world, and his story is
known well.


A day will come after a great breaking of the world

when the Chosen One will be born into the lands of man,

and with him will come the restless spirits of his

The Five RingWielders will walk the lands

And they will lead the restless dead

And the eaters of souls

As their armies

The Chosen One will step forth in our darkest hour

And his blood will heal the wounds of our land

And bring about Kishara’s downfall.

So it has been foretold

And so it will be.


And thus, in the Third Age, darkness will fall upon the
lands once again.

The five who were exiled by the Son of the Ninth House will
find flesh once more

And bring with them plague and destruction. The very dead
will be their armies.

The Lady’s hand will guide them, and She will stir in her
eternal imprisonment

And the chains will fail, and she will be free to walk her
cursed city.

The Chosen One, born of the blood of Mengst into the Ninth
House of the Storm,

will come to the lands and bring hope.

He shall stand alone, and yet as an army, for the traitors
to the damned will follow him

And the Lost Ones will find flesh again to be his guard

And finish their failed quest of old.

First will come the Keeper.

Bearer of knowledge of the ages and keeper of the

Knowledege for ages to come

He shall come to know the Chosen One and begin the path to
the End

The Guardians shall stand to either side of Him

Shrouded in the dark shadows they project for themselves

They will ensure He makes the day of reckoning

The Guide shall follow in their footsteps

to lead Him down the path of righteousness

He will ensure the Rose stays living in the void

Two of the Damned will fall before the Great Reckoning

Slain by the Son of the Ninth House who himself will find
the end of his life

And the beginning of his new and bring life once more to
the House of Storm.

Out of the ashes shall rise the Giver of the Power

Giving the first the courage and the knowledge and the
power to face what He must

The Shadow Walker will come last

For the Soul will return to the Soulless

And in Earth he will be whole again, to turn his hand to
his maker.

He shall lead the Chosen One to Tablenhelm to face the Bane.

Only when the gathering is complete

Shall the game be at an end and the winner decided

And so will the Spire of Ages fall or will Life Itself.


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