The Book of Haplo – A Mad Mage’s Journal – Haplo
September, 1999
The Book of Haplo – A Mad Mage’s Journal – Haplo

–==Official Submission==–
FROM: Lieutenant Haplo
RE: A Mad Mage”s Journal

Brothers and Sisters,
So, we continue the story of the mad mage found in Sage
Absalom’s care. For the past few weeks, I’ve been doing some
extensive research on the Seven Charms (mentioned in his
journal) and the incantations that our fellow used to get
into the Etheral plane. The monks in Yew were very helpful,
and I would like to formally thank them in this report. I
was able to uncover what the Seven Charms were. It seems
that these charms are used as wards against whatever it is
that naturally inhabits the etheral plane. The keep the
traveler safe from harm… well, physical harm that is.

However I was unable to uncover the exact incantations that
were used to enter the etheral plane. The monks of yew were
unable to assist other than to give me the name of a
Necromancer that inhabits Serpent’s Hold, and that’s where
our story begins.

After Sunday night’s training, Captian Shade, PFC Venom,
Draven, Myself, and the Captian’s wife decided to take a
journy over to Serpent’s Hold to see if we could uncover the
abode of the Necromancer Solianius. We made a short stop in
Skara Brae to pick up some additional support in the form of
Evin of Winterfell, Hannah, Ian and Kerris. We then gated to
Serpent’s hold and looked about for the Necromancer. Draven
located him in the back of Serpent’s Hold mage shop, and we
all gathered there. Entering his den was like walking into a
crypt. I’m not very often spooked, but this man definatly
was not all there. After a short conversation, he admitted
to knowing the nessicary incantations, but said that in
return he needed us to pay a price. That price being some
items nessicary for his craft. We were set to retrieve 2
vials of blood from a blood elemental, 2 blackmore, and 5
bone chips. Not very easy things to come buy. We shook on
the deal and returned to Northwood.

Upon returning to northwood, we were rejoined by the
training group who had sojurned to Shame for some real time
training. Several of them decided to accompany us to the
dungon to get the Bone and Blackmore. Lybor knew that
Blacmore was held by Lich Lords, and the bone chips could be
recovered from skeletal mages, and he also had a rune that
would lead us strait into the dragons mouth so to speak.

The trip there was somewhat uneventful. We were a force of
sufficent size to fell the lich and mages, and recovered the
nessicary items. We returned to northwood with the items,
and then moved on to Shame to retrieve the blood from the
elementals, which was again done with minimal losses. I’m
not going to detal the battles here though, suffice to say
that the Rose is always more than capable of handling
monsters with force.

Having recovered the items, It’s now time to return to
Serpent’s Hold and fufil our end of the bargan. Once I get
the incantations, I’m going to attempt to recreate the mages
experiment and see if I can discern what the disturbances in
the Etheral plane may be indicating.

Yours in service to the Rose,
Lt. Haplo Darkblade
Keeper of the Annals.


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